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  1. NorthDumpling

    Broken game server queue system

    Yes, thats right, today I want to talk to you about broken or should I say non existent server queue feature, which would make life easier for a LOT of players. So endless amount of times I want to play on lets say BloodBath or Powerbits, I open up steam server browser and check out the tab...
  2. NorthDumpling


    Hello everyone. Just recently I just thought I'd need to reflect a different side of a weather in Vietnam and because of it I decided to go with an Operation Dewey Canyon II being part of Operation Lam Son 719 with a US convoys trying to sneak up in between overcast weather including a fight...
  3. NorthDumpling

    VNTE-SuongMu | Feedback and Suggestions

    Hello everyone, as you may know, I have pushed my SuongMu map on a few servers and its shaping up very well. Number one issue is that map currently unbalanced and very linear let alone it has some bad technical aspects, tho I want to assure you its already being worked on. I'm gonna leave a link...
  4. NorthDumpling

    Russian localization error.

    Text has been translated right, but in lots of words there are no spaces, like in an image below. Q and A we had back when...
  5. NorthDumpling

    Underneath physics bug.

    As of playtest on any day in any build, I encounter a problem of seeing dead people flying out of a tunnels on almost any map except HueCity. Reproducibility: Always Solution: Tick "Allow underneath physics" in terrain properties.
  6. NorthDumpling

    Hitboxes bugs/Bad bullet registry

    As of playtest on 20.05.2017(20 May) I had a time when I shot gook in a head and heard metal sound, but he wasnt hit nor dead whatsoever, and I had to shoot again, after which he died. Another example is that some and lots of bullets coming through person like a bullet sponge, feels like I'm...
  7. NorthDumpling

    Smoke clipping through tunnels.

    As of playtest on 19.05.2017 (19 May) on CuChi map, a weird unfixed bug occured, in which case if smoke has been thrown on terrain, an FX starts clipping through it and appears in tunnels as well, same happens with Napalm FX. Reproducibility: Always Images below show an example of a bug.
  8. NorthDumpling

    Wrong LODs on player's models.

    As of playtest on 19.05.2017(19 May), I've noticed very low LODs on player's models on any settings. It appears on ALL character models, mostly noticable on hands and legs. Reproducibility: Always. Image below shows an example of this bug.
  9. NorthDumpling

    [WIP] WF-Hell's Corners

    I've started working on my new map (previous maps will be updated as well), which is called Hell's Corners and telling us a story of fighting for La Barquette locks being a part of a Mission Albany in Normandy , where germans have opened the gates and flooded whole Carentan area, while Allies...
  10. NorthDumpling


    Today I have released a Carentan Causeway map for Heroes of the West mod. This map is not a Darkest Hour Europe '44-'45 remake, but based off a real place and represents a Carentan-Saint Come-du-Mont highway battle and includes Fallschirmjäges. It is a B1 version and heavy WIP, so I need a...
  11. NorthDumpling


    Final Release of WF-Brecourt for Heroes of the West mod Mapname: WF-Brecourt Version of the map: Final Author : North_Dumpling Change log : Tweaked lighting a bit Overall map optimization Map layout changed according to the aerial photos People , who helped me : Postamenos, who...
  12. NorthDumpling

    Wip forum upgrade

    So, the new website is always cool, but there are still few thing that were better in terms of functionality and awarenesses. What I do like on the new forum: Style What I dont like: Cant simply see the new posts, or the posts, that were posted recently, that slightly visible yellow color is...
  13. NorthDumpling

    TWI at PC Gamer an no Vietnam

    So we have been waiting more than two months and we have been waiting for news or some video on PC Game Show about Rising Storm 2 Vietnam due to whole 2 months without any news about it, so is there any REAL valuable reason for it?
  14. NorthDumpling

    Ability to enter and exit tanks.

    So, as I know someone from TWI told the community, that players were not able to exit the tank , at least because, that people were tend to exit them in RO and hide somewhere, but it doesnt seems a valuable reason for me in RS2, because 1)There are just jungles around and/or town 2)The only one...
  15. NorthDumpling

    [HotW] Pitch black shadows|Totaly black shadows and characters

    So, I have the multiple problems here I need to solve as soon as possible: 1)I have placed Sdkfz on my map from vanilla RO2 and it calls Toddel_test or soemthing, so after building the productions lighting it wants me to save VH_ger_Sdkfz package without any good reason for it no matter that I...
  16. NorthDumpling

    [Movie] D-Day 72 years anniversary.

    The Normandy landings (codenamed Operation Neptune) were the landing operations on Tuesday, 6 June 1944 (termed D-Day) of the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. The largest seaborne invasion in history, the operation began the liberation of German-occupied...
  17. NorthDumpling

    WF-Brecourt | 2 Map versions

    So, as I'm getting getting up my Brecourt map with B2 versions and B3 versions, I need your opinion about this. B2 will come up on Workshop as soon as possible and B3 will come up when it will be finished. 1)B2: Lastest version, being played on last BloodBath map test. Changes: Ability to...
  18. NorthDumpling

    Deep Silver publisher

    I'm so much happy to hear and read that, Deep Silver is now publisher for Killing Floor 2 on PS4 platform, Tripwire! That was one of the best and respectful choices you guys made with that company. As I remember Deep Silver gave a lot of freedom in making the game for Techland, now I very hope...
  19. NorthDumpling

    Optimization Problems.

    So I'm on my way of finishing Brecourt map and suddenly I've got optimization problems, most likely lagging and fps drops, but 1)In-editor, in PIE exactly I have very good optimization and stable fps most of the time. 2)After cooking the map, I have very terrible FPS in-game and huge lagging...
  20. NorthDumpling

    Package export fail

    So, I really wanted to place cycloramic on another map, I started using Brecourt cycloramic, but it still had references to existed package and didnt let me do that, so matter what I do. And suddenly I had and idea that I could export package to another map without loading it and everything...