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  1. ArcheKruz

    I have an easy solution to fix the problems plaguing KF2

    Release the SDK already! The KF1 development and post-release cycle has already proven that the community can do a better job of providing and sculpting more balanced gameplay than a small team of developers. (As soon as my friends learn the ropes, I am taking them off vanilla KF1 and throwing...
  2. ArcheKruz

    KFMapVoteV2 and Maplists

    Is there a way to make a separate map list for a story mode maps (Not KFO) and have the KFMapVoteV2 mutator select that specific maplist for a story mode gametype?
  3. ArcheKruz

    KF Sykosis website down?

    I noticed the other day that Sykosis, the definitive site for Killing Floor maps has gone offline. Does anyone have any idea what happened to it or why it's taken down?
  4. ArcheKruz

    Certain files does not redirect.

    So, I made sure to compress every file using the UZ2 compressor, and put it in my server redirect, and yet certain files still have problems with the server redirection, and chose to download from the server directly, despite the file existing int he redirect. Do you have any idea what could...
  5. ArcheKruz

    Questions about KF2

    I have a few questions for this game : Will KF2 be just as open to modding as the first game? What new features and elements besides extra gore will be featured in KF2? Will there be an extended survival mode which contains more waves than regular play? Like 20-25 waves? What about invasion...
  6. ArcheKruz

    A couple of questions about Calamity

    1. What sort of engine will Calamity use? 2. Will the game be open to modding? If so, what kind of content scripting language will it use?
  7. ArcheKruz

    KF XMk5 Fire Sound Cuts Out in Dedicated

    On Solo it works fine, but testing it out on a Dedicated Server causes the firing sound to cut off after the first bullet, and then mutes itself while firing, only playing the tail end of the firing sound when the trigger is released. I am not sure if the issue is in the coding side or if the...
  8. ArcheKruz

    KF Compiling breaks the game.

    I noticed that after compiling a mod from a source, the game breaks and is unable to connect to any servers. I noticed this yesterday when I tweaked the damage and shop values in the included sources of the SVD, L96AWP and G2Contender weapon mods, and then testing them afterwards in my personal...
  9. ArcheKruz

    Coloured Server Names - How to?

    I have tried the Server Color Mutator and have even tried to copy-paste the output of the tool to the INI file, and yet the server name is still uncoloured. How did the other servers do it?
  10. ArcheKruz

    KF SceN Balance 6.05 + ServerPerks 6.75 Invisible ZEDS

    Hi I am having this issue where the default ZEDS are invisible. I made sure to check that event number is 2 in Scrnbalance.ini, and tried turning on and off the option to force event Zeds, and even flipped between 0 and 2 for the event zeds option, but they are all invisible. Also checking the...
  11. ArcheKruz

    Server not Restarting on General Protection Fault

    I noticed today that my server has been hanging on a General Protection Fault instead of self-terminating. This is a problem because I have a script set up to restart the server when it crashes, and it is not going to be triggered if it just hangs. here is the code : Any idea in how to fix...
  12. ArcheKruz

    Ideas for Sharpshooter & Medic Leveling Requirements.

    So, after resetting my perks, I have been given some new insight on how quickly certain perks could level. One of those is that Medic and Sharpshooter levels up way too quickly, in fact, much faster than what a new player needs to learn to play those perks well has time to really set in. Take...
  13. ArcheKruz

    Spawning with "DLC Weapons" ?

    I have a friend telling me that having players spawn with DLC weapons can be problematic, because they'd need the DLC to spawn with them. However, I noticed that, without owning the second Golden Guns DLC and the Dwarfs!? Axe, I was able to buy them in modded ScrN Balance servers. And I am...
  14. ArcheKruz

    Help with WTFZeds

    I need some help getting them to appear. I have installed the individual versions of the mutators, and then included their package names in ServerPackages and in the launcher command line. However they never appeared for me and they don't seem to appear in the mutator list in the WebAdmin. Am I...
  15. ArcheKruz

    Blocking with Zerk Weapons/Sword-Breaking Mechanics

    This came to me in a dream yesterday, and I think it may help balance the 'Zerker's OP-ness. Why not give Slot 1 Zerk weapons starting from the Fireaxe the ability to block enemy melee attacks? The idea is that it further reduces damage to 5/(6+Floor{(Perk Level+1)/2)} what they would normally...
  16. ArcheKruz

    Second Server uses KFMapVote.ini from first server

    So I decided to clone my server to make use of the voting handler. I wanted to keep one server using vanilla settings, and the other one using the ScrN Balance settings. I have one folder set as KF_Server and the other as KF_ScrN_Server and had launchers set for them both. The problem is, the...
  17. ArcheKruz

    Installing Guardian's ScrnGuardian, ScrnSaboteur and ScrnVetSMG classes

    The readme files provided are very lacking in information, and .ucl files aren't even included, so I have no idea what to add to the ServerPerks.ini and ScrnBalance.ini files for these mutators. Any help with these would be appreciated. EDIT : In fact, after attempting to install the extra...
  18. ArcheKruz

    Question about editing Gun Mutators

    Just a quick question, say you have a weapon mutator downloaded, and it contains the source. You edit it and compile it, and then people start to have version mismatch errors. What would you do to avoid that? Do you just change the folder name where the weapon mutator scripts are located?
  19. ArcheKruz

    Multiple servers on one install

    What is the best way to get multiple KF Dedicated Servers up and running? I want to get a regular whitelisted server with (mostly) white-listed maps, and a server that has all the mods that used the maps from the regular servers.
  20. ArcheKruz

    KF Workshop content will not install.

    For some reason, the KF workshop content will not install after downloading. I tried restarting KF several times, but to no avail. What can I do to fix this?