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  1. Divinehammer

    Mutator Idea - Block all Public VOIP

    I cant believe that someone has not created this or that Tripwire has not implemented it yet after all these years. I would like to see a mutator that is client side that would allow me to block all Public Voip. To many times a play session is ruined by someone playing music or just screaming...
  2. Divinehammer

    Multiplayer not taking me to the role select screen

    It used to be that on every map when the map was spun up it would take me to the role select screen. now I have to get into the map press esc and team roles to get there. Is there a reason this started happening or am I missing a setting somewhere? It is very annoying and makes it hard to get...
  3. Divinehammer

    SUGGESTION: Implement a config control to Mute all public voice chat

    I would like to see the devs implement a simple check box in the audio controls area that would block all public voice chat. To many times I have been playing and someone decides they want to be annoying and plays annoying music all the time. This destroys team communication. While I understand...
  4. Divinehammer

    Chivalry Medieval Warfare or War of the Roses?

    I am looking to purchase one or the other of these games. Which one is better in your opinion? Which one is the gaming community leaning more towards? Which game seems to have a better future growth plan? What are the pros and cons of each?
  5. Divinehammer

    [How Do I?] How to bind Sry and NP to keyboard key

    I would like to bind sorry and NP to a keyboard key how do i go about that? Further i have typed Np but I dont see where i forgave someone what channel does that need to be typed on will team suffice? I never talk on the global chat.
  6. Divinehammer

    The Stalingrad History Thread

    Creating this as a catch all for links and pics people would like to post. I will push links to the top as I can. I will start out with
  7. Divinehammer

    Buy a vid card with Physx or without?

    So it is time to upgrade the video card again and a friend is trying to push me to buy a Radeon which I have been a solid Nvidia guy forever. So here is my question how important is having physx available? It certainly adds to the game when you have it I have been watching the youtube videos...
  8. Divinehammer

    2 new controls Ironsights and Crouch

    Please Add two new controls Ironsights and Crouch I know we have these in toggle form but for me anyway I am in and out of those so often they are better served to be momentary buttons meaning only crouch when you push the crouch button and hold it. I have tried some binds for these actions and...
  9. Divinehammer

    What about HoS sound

    What can the Devs tell us about the sound in the new game. How have you improved it? What will the Specs be? Being built on the engine that it is will it support some EAX version? Someone will probably rip me for bringing up EAX however I just switched from an EAX card to a Asus Xonar DS and I...
  10. Divinehammer

    New Gaming box needed for HoS

    So it would seem that my mobo has died on me here just prior to HoS relase so I need to rebuild the innerds of my box. I thought we used to have a hardware thread but I dont see it anymore. Now I have not built a computer for 6 years so I need some help getting back up to speed. What I forsee...
  11. Divinehammer

    Looking at Buying

    I know the Christmas deal is on and the servers are probably full but were there a lot of North American Servers before? I am looking to buy but I am trying to gauge how many servers are out there before I do. Thanks.
  12. Divinehammer

    Confused BSP or Statics?

    It seems like there is lots of talk bouncing around about what will be used to make structures. When HOS was first announced I heard that all buildings will need to be made in 3dsmax and they will all be statics or made of statics. Then other threads have talked about using BSP because it...
  13. Divinehammer

    Maps in the works.....

    I figured we were going to need this at some point. So if you plan to do a map get in here and call it. Once you get that in you can start asking for any info others might have. There is one thing about the RO community it's that we have some great historians. Now if we can find a Russian that...
  14. Divinehammer

    Maps Mods and your Cache

    This question covers many areas I suppose and I think that I know the answer but wanted to throw this out there. In your Redorchestra.ini file you have a setting to purge your cache (cache holds all the maps and textures and bits you have DL from custom servers). It would seem that Darkest hour...
  15. Divinehammer

    OFP2 or ARMA2?

    Maybe there is a comaprison thread out there but I could not find one. I am wondering now that both of these are out which is the better venture? I see that Best Buy has OFP2 on sale this week so that does not bode very well for it. Are there any groups from this board joining up for coop play...
  16. Divinehammer

    Free Buildings for your map

    Everybody likes free stuff So I was going through what I have since going into map retirement and came across some stuff that I wanted to give to the community to use. I may get to use these in HOS I am not for sure yet that is even if I get back to mapping. I am open to collaborating on a map...
  17. Divinehammer

    Can we get the SDK early

    I would like to know Trips plans on making the SDK available to the community. Would it be possible to make the bare bones editor available before release? It would be nice to be able to have the bones of a map laid out and put the bells and whistles in on release. I am thinking something like...
  18. Divinehammer

    Filefront is closing down!

    Someone may have already posted about this but I didnt have a chance to search. If you have RO content on filefront we need to relocate them to new locations, keep the content alive. If this is a dupe thread please delete.
  19. Divinehammer

    What will work in Unreal 3?

    If the gods smile on us and give us RO2 which will be built under unreal 3 engine. What portion of the current custom maps will be able to be converted to work on the new engine. For instance will BSP be transferrable from one to the next? I would assume all of the statics would be new in the...
  20. Divinehammer

    Which is better ARMA2 or OPF2

    I know that they havent been released yet but what is the general consensus of which is going to be better I would like to get in on one or the other. I honestly have not kept up with the happenings in each. Would also like to join up with some RO members for CO-OP play. So PM me if you are...