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  1. Zips

    Why is the language censored?

    Pretty sure because the game goes for the whole "TV show" idea. And TV in America means violence is fine, but nudity and swearing are too much for our sensitive eyes and ears.
  2. Zips

    [Game] Age of Barbarian!

    Best game EVER Age of Barbarian Pre-Alpha trailer - HD - YouTube I've already pre-ordered 15 copies!
  3. Zips

    Steve Jobs Passed Away He passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. RIP Steve.
  4. Zips

    [Image] The Allied Invasion of Europe

    I always enjoy these "big picture" posts that news sites put up. The Atlantic has been doing a 20 part series on World War II and their most recent one, part 16, just went up. It focuses on the Allied Invasion...
  5. Zips

    TGN Giveaway: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad DDE

    I happen to have a spare key for the DDE of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad just sitting around here. So, I've decided to give it away to one lucky person. All of the details, including how to enter can be found here...
  6. Zips

    Short gameplay video

    Red Orchestra 2 Gameplay Preview - Part 1 [HD] - YouTube More is promised but given how late the email went out about the embargo being lifted, taking footage during higher periods of activity on the server was essentially impossible.
  7. Zips

    A file with all of my RO2 shots in 1080p

    Since a lot of people have been asking me for it (and I just caved), here is a 7z file with all (I think they're all there) of the shots I took, in 1080p. I'm fairly certain those are all of them that I've uploaded... Just made a new thread so that...
  8. Zips

    Save $1155 on messiahStudio5

    Yeah, you probably thought this was a spambot post, didn't you? Well, thanks to the power of the Internet and word of mouth and blahblahblah, the CG animation software, messiahStudio5 (basic and Pro) are both on sale. Basic is $10 (normally $499) Pro is $40 (normally $1195) Basically, the...
  9. Zips


    Yep, Crysis 2 was leaked almost two months ahead of its release. Comes with a developer build of the game and an online master key for authentication... Please keep discussion in check, you...
  10. Zips

    Anonymous EA Employee Tells All: Why Warhammer Failed & Why SWTOR Will Fail

    Going only by the handle of "EA Louse", a soon to be former employee at Electronic Arts, provides a tell-all about some of the inner workings at EA and why, he feels, Warhammer ended up being a monumental failure. Furthermore, Louse explains why he believes Star Wars: The Old Republic will end...
  11. Zips

    Firefox 3 is Out If you're on FF2, go upgrade your browser. The only snag I encountered was Tab Mix Plus wasn't fully FF3 ready yet. I had to grab a dev build for it. However, most other extentions seem to be FF3 ready. I like what they've done. Call it what you will, but pages are...
  12. Zips

    Metal Gear Solid 4 - Discussion Thread - Possible spoilers

    Yeah alright, so I don't have a PS3, but I've been a fan of Metal Gear for years now. It's almost a little gut wrenching to see tons of these new videos for the game that I won't be able to play for quite some time now. But going on... There are a number of new videos out there today thanks...
  13. Zips

    Jack Thompson harrassing little old ladies now

    Specifically, he's written a letter to the mother of Take-Two's CEO, Strauss Zelnick. Link to the letter - A few excerpts I found particularly interesting... Contacting the mom of a CEO? Check. Making a reference (or rather, multiple) to...
  14. Zips

    Left 4 Dead preview at CS-Nation

    Yep, self-promotion time! Part 1 (of 2) of my Left 4 Dead preview is now up at CS-Nation. This is mainly background information on the game, including screenshots, and a look at the graphics, gameplay, and other such aspects.
  15. Zips

    Rainbow Six Vegas ... 2

    Well, we all knew this was coming. Especially if you played through the first one, but... This is still my most played 360 game. I absolutely cannot wait for this game.
  16. Zips

    I went to Valve

    Nothing like blowing my own horn or anything but, I recently made a trip to Valve. My first article (of a few that I have planned) is just a catch all for as much as I could gather from my time at the offices and from interviews conducted. I'll have previews for Portal, Episode 2, and Left 4...
  17. Zips

    Crysis Discussion Thread There's no official min system requirements released yet.
  18. Zips

    Far Cry 2 - First Info And then this...
  19. Zips

    Project Offset footage... but may not be around for long

    First off, the links that are still up for the gameplay footage. Now, the catch. The footage is also made on a build of the engine from almost a year...
  20. Zips

    Sony sued over PS3... again So, a no-name company is "suffering" because Sony may or may not have used similar technology to some they created back in 91? Give me a break.