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  1. D

    Can't find any servers!?

    I can only find one or two empty servers in the full game and none in the beta, no matter what my filter settings are. Anyone else got this??
  2. D

    Kar98 non-hooded sights screenshots

    Yo, lots of people were confused or interested in the removal of the hooded sights on the kar98 and i just leveled up to 50 (partly thanks to the messed up stats lululul) so here it is: Unfortunately there isn't any option to revert back to the original sights after you unlock it, so you...
  3. D

    Re-mapping console button?

    Hey. Has anyone figured out a way to re-map the console button (@) to something else? Reason is because right now i can't use apostraphe because on my keyboard the @ and ' share the same button (i think all UK/euro keyboards are like this). Plus a few times i've accidently opened up my console...
  4. D

    Having dreams about RO2...

    Lol, two nights in a row i've had dreams of playing RO2. I think not having the game is damaging me mentally. I don't remember the first dream but i do remember the one last night, IT WAS ****IN EPIC. I was using a G41, playing a snowy map with trenches being the only cover on the whole map and...