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    What's with the HoE servers where when you join, if you don't leave when asked, you get banned? Don't want to play the perk they want (regardless of player skill)? Banned (I also don't enjoy my zerker, it's way too easy and is not what I'm looking for when I play kf. I actually like teamwork...
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    Why are

    Zerkers still ruining games by completely forcing people to kite with them or die?
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    Dual wielding, Max levels, the Commando

    Max Levels I do not want to see perks given extra levels with corresponding perk bonuses. I would however like the option of their being no max level. After you reach lvl6, you can progress into rank7 by doing the exact same things you did to level. You gain nothing from getting level7 other...
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    Bezerker games

    Hi, long time lurker, only just registered because I couldn't use my hotmail and I REALLY have some things to say about the game. I have been playing KF on and off for around 2 years. I hated how 'overpowered' the SS used to be in that it could make a mockery of tough specs like the sc and fp...