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    SDK Bug?
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    SDK keeps bugsplatting since beta

    Is anyone else having a problem using the SDK? Every time I launch it, it pauses at "loading zed_siren_EMIT.upk" and then bug splats. I verified SDK files and that did not fix it. I uninstalled the SDK and reinstalled it and the same thing happens. Anyone else?
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    Too Many Maps Part II

    I need help from the forum again. I previously had a problem with the map cycle not allowing me to save more than ~ 187 maps/list. That problem was solved by doing as Fjid89 suggested and modifying my config/KFWeb.ini. ​​​​​ Now I have run into another problem. I now have over 560...
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    Map Cycle Limit Exceeded?

    I have been adding custom maps to our server at a rather ***** rate lately. I have never had a problem until today. I added several maps and they all showed up in the "available maps" list. However, when I move them over to the "map cycle" list and try to save them, none of them get saved. Is...