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  1. Ossius

    Free head movement/ Track IR support ever?

    I've been playing War Thunder and ARMA 3, but I realized the one game I really want this free looking support for is Red Orchestra 2. I know its very late and seeing any revolutionary changes like a Free look system ALA ARMA series is a long shot, but I think it would be very beneficial IMO to...
  2. Ossius

    So, what is the point of the DP-28?

    What benefits does the russian machine gun hold over the MG34? The MG34 has faster ROF, nearly the same accuracy, single fire, barrel that can be replaced, and at level 50 you have 550 max ammo with 250 per belt. I'm just kind of bummed because every machine gunner (including me) just pick the...
  3. Ossius

    Explanation of the recoil difference between RO1 and RO2

    So after many topics and discussion talking about Zoom, Recoil, SMGs being too accurate and unfair, weapon sway, and how RO1 is the Holiest of Holy games I finally decided to look as to why the games were so drastically different. First thing I noticed was the complete lack of zoom in RO1, when...
  4. Ossius

    Plea to server owners. (bots)

    Please guys, I'm begging you from the bottom of my heart, cut the number of bots to 2-4 per side, or remove them completely. Bots are completely ruining many people's RO2 experience. I for one have killed more bots then I can count and honestly there is no fun in it, I literally feel like its...
  5. Ossius

    Why do we still not have chat color?

    I thought this was something everyone wanted since day one of release? I expected this to be a quick addition that would considerably improve ingame community. Just a simple font color based on team, red and blue. I just came from the beta where I was trying to chat at the only other player on...
  6. Ossius

    [Error] MG34 movement crash.

    If you press the prone key and quickly hit the replace barrel key (default 6) your character will start to crawl while standing up. Your movement is restricted, you are unable to run, unprone, or jump. basically freezes your character other than very slow movements. You can reproduce it...
  7. Ossius

    I finally have my preciousssssss

    After so so so so many kills, even with x4 last year and x2 kills counting, it took an insane amount of time, I won't lie, I have bot farmed along the way. I've nearly clocked 100 hours in the game and it all has been playing MG class. I've learned a lot about the MG as a weapon too. 1) The...
  8. Ossius

    Mg-34 belt feed unlock.

    Okay, seriously now, yes or no, this rumor has to stop. People say there isn't a belt feed unlock and others say there is. I want pics (I know it is hard since unlocks got reset) Does anyone have pics of a MG34 belt fed unlock in HOS? I really want to know if there is a point to my slaving...
  9. Ossius

    Colored Text.

    Can we please get some word on this? Why aren't team colors associated with the players? It really bothers me trying to read that thin white text and not seeing at a glance whether it is friendly or not. Red and Greenish/blue was awesome contrasting colors in Ostfront that helped you pay...
  10. Ossius

    Talking 'bout forum atmosphere.

    There is a rule of thumb that has been going around the game industry and especially games with a good community. I was hoping to drop it here considering the negativity around here. Those who dislike the game come on the forum to play, those who love the game are too busy playing it. So...
  11. Ossius

    People please!

    Listen to the person on the VOIP, they tend to know what is going on and will not do you wrong if you listen to their advice. They will get you more kills and experience if that is the only thing you are playing for. YOU WILL get more experience by capping points then killing people, and you...
  12. Ossius

    [How Do I?] Understand random crashes.

    I was sitting in a window on Pavlov's with a MG34 and I saw a russian, gunned him down no problem. Saw another in a window, fired a round. Another runs around the corner of a building, line up my shot, press the button, gun crack sounds, game freezes before the bullet fires and I Crash to...
  13. Ossius

    What have you unlocked so far.

    So far I got jack squat, I've leveled the DP28 and SVT/G41 which gave me 1% boost to the stats :rolleyes: What about everyone else?
  14. Ossius

    [Error] Ossius' G41/misc bug report. (with video!)

    Ossius' G41 Bug report. - YouTube As you can see the G41 is beyond buggy. You put 5 bullets in, you get 10. You fire one shot, you place two bullets in minimum. Also, if you alt tab the game and come back, your minimap will be green as well as sniper scope lens. If you mount a Heavy machine...
  15. Ossius

    To those that Hate fallen heroes.

    Well, I agreed with you (past tense) It was horrible, everyone just sat in windows, killing anyone that dared to go into the center. I hated it. Then my friend installed the game, and my brother was online as well. I sent them a quick steam "Hey, I'm going to be squad leader, spawn on me and...
  16. Ossius

    So, what is exactly missing?

    I've been trying to memorize/write down every problem I see with the game bug wise, issue is I haven't a clue what is supposed to be a bug, and features that just aren't in yet. For one example It seems the squad leader commands aren't working, is this a bug or is it coming later? Bullet...
  17. Ossius

    Urgently needed improvements to chat.

    ESC key doesn't get you out of chatting, so if you want to type out a quit command but see an enemy, you either have to press enter and send the messages as is, or try and erase it and press enter and get shot. Really frustrating. Also no colored text for specific factions? (Assume this is...
  18. Ossius

    [Error] Achievements and profile.

    When you click on the Achievements profile/weapons stat screen, they are overlapping and the buttons seem to stick. I figured these are placeholders, but still kind of a bug. TE-Apartments. My brother and I both experienced it.
  19. Ossius

    [Question] Hlds

    I'm going to feel like a complete idiot for posting this... but I'm new at the server admin business and I have no clue what HLDS or how to download it. All the threads I've find simply linked to Steam? Also Under tools downloads there is only: Red Orchestra SDK Beta and Red Orchestra...
  20. Ossius

    Couple of questions for Devs/testers.

    Okay since people are opening up about some things I had a few questions that are nagging me with this host of awesome videos. 1) Are all buildings able to get holes blown through them? Because it seemed in many of the videos that little stone walls and brick buildings held up easily. I know...