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  1. BartBear

    RO 7th Anniversary of RO.PL FightNight Events!

    7 is a mystic digit... Exactly 7 years ago we had recorded our first FightNight event and have put it on our YouTube channel. As The Community we did play earlier but when mods came the "event" type of gameplay has became needed so on the recording of those gameplays more or less required as the...
  2. BartBear FightNights 2017 (and beyond)

    It seems that the Forum engine can't work with our previous thread - maybe we exceeded the max post values(?) :confused: BUT WE ARE STILL ALIVE AND KICKING (as hell) :cool: This situation makes us comfortable to point some changes we made comparing to the date the other thread was started...
  3. BartBear

    RO2 Friday's RO2 Fan Trailer

    Our Community Member and one of "Mumblers" - FRIDAY - got his creativity at his normal high level (you can know him from previous "trailers" for RO / MN /DH) so now (high) time for HoS!
  4. BartBear

    KF ZEDs type by voting?

    Is there a way (just like in map-voting-handler - where players can choose f.e. what difficulty will the next map be) to put the choice of ZEDs type under the voting? Is there a mutator for that? Putting the selection "stiff" into .ini file makes harder getting what actual players want ;)
  5. BartBear

    RO RedOrchestra.PL FightNights still alive and kicking

    Want to feel again RO1 mood? Just play it again! We still run the fightnights - Ostfront and mods ones We play at Fridays and depending from what we already voted in RO.PL poll (you should have the vote too, just go there, register and VOTE!) How to vote for fightnight on RedOrchestra.PL -...
  6. BartBear


    Due to huge DNSes problems with this domain we just switched all repository from to easy
  7. BartBear


    As we are fans of RO: OST this is a conversion or remade by concept of popular Red Orchestra's custom map. Original RO version: Viggadir KF remade: Socom aka Fluke This is small intensive map, even better when played with WTF Mut and Brutes ;) Try it, make suggestions so we could...
  8. BartBear

    Custom RO "trailers"

    Well, here are 2 amateur "movies" made by our Community member that what I think should become -official RO trailer - when merged ;) See yourself: YouTube - Danzig 1945 YouTube - Stalingrad 1942
  9. BartBear

    Playerlist console command

    I really miss it from RedOrchestra, don't know why it is not working in KF, and it would be very helpful for bad player's behaviour reporting to admin (Global ID, or kicking strange name player through console), so please maybe with next update? :)
  10. BartBear

    AdsSE timing of text lines

    Hi I'm using this mut at my RO and KF servers, RO works perfectly as I want, but at KF time of showing each line is drastically small. Is that delay value fixable somewhere in server files, or it would be needed to fix it by some next upgrade of KF?
  11. BartBear

    Basic Map Repository Files in compressed packages 7z format, and exe for automatic detection and unpacking into the right place in KF folders... If U want to make our job easier and quicker mail your work to bartbear at
  12. BartBear

    [REQUEST] TopGun map

    I just have loaded this fun TDM map at my server since long long time and noticed that modified clowncars don't fire their onboard weapons at all like they did before... I assume it is due to that RO's patch which made -manual reloading- available (current "newest" beta 4 version is a really old...
  13. BartBear

    [Request] LimitByPing Mut for RO

    Is anyone using something like this mutator I found for UT2003: (it isn't working with RO unfortunately or to be more specific - it works wrong: not kicking player who is out of set ping...
  14. BartBear

    RO-TopGun (searching)

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows about this "for fun" map if it's upgraded from beta stage, or if not, what is the last beta, and if it's working correctly after patched RO to its current state. Beta 4 which was the most popular one now is useless because now flying vehicles are "unarmed"...