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  1. EvilAmericanMan

    [Game] Battlefield 4

    I must be blind, I can't find a thread for this one. Anybody playing this? I bought it and the Second Assault expansion, it seems like an improved BF3. The BF4 maps aren't very good unfortunately...been looking to squad up with people who actually have an interest in teamplay. Anybody like that...
  2. EvilAmericanMan

    Which internet browser do you use?

    I'm getting sick and damn tired of Firefox randomly crashing. Which Browser do you use and is there a definitive answer to which is most reliable? Lol, I put server browser instead of internet in the poll. Go me.
  3. EvilAmericanMan

    No mic volume controls? Lol?

    Look, I know how to play this game. I don't need a trembling nerd voice telling me GO HERE, or DON'T GO THERE, or WE HAVE NO MORE REINFORCEMENTS. I know what to do in what situations. I pay attention to the reinforcements and know to be extra careful when they run out. I don't need the voices in...
  4. EvilAmericanMan

    Seriously guys: tanks are a mess

    I hate to say it, but I'm not impressed at all by the tanks. First of all, there's no communication to the players as to whats going on behind the scenes with tanks. What happens when x gets damaged for example. There's also no indication that T-34s need to try and move as much as possible...
  5. EvilAmericanMan

    Low framerate with high end system

    I reinstalled this game recently, (to find a whopping two servers that I would actually play on..) and since I have a good enough machine I maxed it all out...but I don't get a very good framerate. Its playable, but its not very fun playable. I like a very smooth and consistently high framerate...
  6. EvilAmericanMan

    What are You Reading?

    Not sure how successful this thread will be but figured its worth having. This is the thread where we share what, if any, books we are reading and whether or not they're recommended. I admit I pretty much only read during break time at work. I'll start with my list that I am going through...
  7. EvilAmericanMan

    The Elder Scrolls V

    According to this rumor, the next Bethesda game will officially be TES V. It will be the chronological sequel to Oblivion, the first direct sequel in the 16 year old franchise. The development is two years in the making as of now, and there is no timetable for anything regarding the game at the...
  8. EvilAmericanMan

    [Game] Civilization V

    Two words: Hell yea I preordered this!! (should learn to count :rolleyes:) This is also coming out later this year and I think this one tops my list of games I'm looking forward to; not since ME2 was announced have I been anticipating a game so much.
  9. EvilAmericanMan

    [Game] Fallout: New Vegas

    So since we have a thread on Black Ops which is coming later in the year I figured we could start a few other threads on games that are coming out later. At least ones that I'm looking forward to :D This fall! A lot of information there...
  10. EvilAmericanMan

    Tripwire is teh coolest

    Great news, or the greatest news? I am going to assume Heroes of Stalingrad itself will be out THIS year. Or maybe they mean the expansion will be out December 2011. Whatever the case...kudos to Tripwire for producing games for the 'forgotten' theaters of least forgotten by the West.
  11. EvilAmericanMan

    Smiling in the face of danger

    OK so this is probably going to be a fail thread but. I just feel I need to bring this to everyone's attention. Look at this man. LOOK. That's right. This man has possibly hundreds of pissed off people in front of him, some of whom have their hands on his riot shield probably trying to harm...
  12. EvilAmericanMan

    The tank warehouse map?

    I've been looking for a map that has all the tanks in the game in it and lets you practice shooting the weak spots on tanks. Anyone remember what this map is called? Its just four long hallways in a large building, I guess, and all the tanks are lined up one after the other horizontally I think.
  13. EvilAmericanMan

    What is wrong with this game?

    So I haven't played in a long time but I've had RO since pre-ordering for Ostfront started. I love this game! Or maybe I love the memories. The server browser just...confounds me it is so awful. Every server I click on will revert to 0/xx aka no players playing, even if when I clicked on it it...
  14. EvilAmericanMan

    CD Burner Stopped Working

    My CD player is able to write and I used to be able to use it just fine. But now all the sudden the burner part doesn't work, but the player itself is fine. I can see it in My Computer, and it runs CDs. None of my burning programs, though, recognize the CD drive and neither does Device Manager...
  15. EvilAmericanMan


    OK I am wondering if it is just my luck or if the RO community's tastes are really getting worse. But every time I load up the game I see either a custom map, Danzig, Koenigsplatz, or Arad. That's ALL I EVER see on servers that I get a good ping to. Is anyone else getting sick of the same maps...
  16. EvilAmericanMan

    Need help with argument! Best tank?

    Today on the bus ride home my friend and I got into an argument about tanks. He argued the Merkeva and T-90 were the best tanks in the world, and the other, western tanks (Leopard 2, Abrams, Challenger 2 etc.) were, I quote, "pieces of ****". I say that the Abrams tank is is the most capable...
  17. EvilAmericanMan

    Surviving Terrell Owens

    Funny Page 2 series of comics on how to survive having Terrell Owens on your team. Those that hate Owens will get a kick out of this.
  18. EvilAmericanMan

    To Improve Maps.... them up more! This game has some maps that are very big in design, yet we are restricted as to where we can go. On Arad for instance, everyone knows about the mine field area that is way ahead of the North Field. The map isn't walled off by anything visible like a barbed wire fence. If...
  19. EvilAmericanMan

    Site Info

    As you all know the site lacks a complete Vehicle Overview. I'd be happy to type up information on the game on vehicles and weapons and get all their dimentions, if it will benefit our community and people wanting to get info on what hardware is included in this game. If there is any way I can...
  20. EvilAmericanMan

    Calling All German Speakers

    In the Wikipedia Tiger II article, someone put in the discussion page that 'Koenigstiger' translates to 'Bengal Tiger' in German, while 'Koenigs Tiger' translates to 'King Tiger'. I have never seen such a thing before, anywhere. Can someone verify this?