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    KF Mutator request: Body&Decal&GIB stay

    Hello, I am looking for mutator that allows for admin to set Corpse, Blood Decals,Bullet hit (wall) decals and gibs to stay. With ability to set maximum number of each, and how long should they stay. Thanx in advance.
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    KF KF Dedicated server on 64 bit Debian 8 Jessie

    Hello. Can anyone please give the complete, correct steps for installing the appropriate 32 bit libraries on a system running a 64 bit Debian 8 (Jessie) that are required by ucc-bin? (KF Linux Dedicated server)?
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    KF Killing Floor Dog bot / sentry (german shephard) Fake or real???

    Hello all KF players. I have accidentally found this video on the internet, does aonyone know if this thing is real or is some sort of fake? If its real does anyone know a server where you can play with such companion? (PS I already tried...
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    Pawn replacement!!!

    Hi guys I need to replace the pawn with my custom pawn. I am running custom game type and I need to change the players pawn to my custom pawn. So what I need is a mutator. 1) that will replace the default pawn class in the default properties of My Custom Game Type. 2)that will replace a...
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    Simple modding player model aka Characters

    Hello I would like to ask, is it possible to "copy" shapes (group of polygons) from one skeletal mesh to another using 3ds max? I am asking because I need to do a simple modification/fix of player character. Everything I need is set up and ready. I have the psk files. I read that in order to...
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    RORocketProj and class spawning

    topic can be deleted now.
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    KF Request static mesh edit/creation

    Hello, a friend of mine is looking for someone to edit a simple static mesh. Its a simple rectangular form, you just have to cut a portion of it and make two seperate static meshes. Looks really simple if someone is willing to give it a try PM me and I will send you the static mesh. :)
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    Death Message dellay/turn OFF

    Hello, there is a thing I cannot figure out: How can I make the death messages delayed or completely turn them off? Darkest Hour has them delayed by default, what server settings should be changed in the server RedOrchestra.ini to do this? Thanx in advance!
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    RO2 Classic update and FREE RS for the vets!!!

    Hi all. I haev decided t jump from Ostfront to RO2 the last couple of days, and today I got some 5 GB update for RO2. I read this includes a new Classic mode with more features from Ostfront added. I immediately jumped on a full server and soon we switched to a Rising Storm map. And what do i...
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    Hello. I have seen maps that have the sunlight actors inside the world cube, and some which have the sunlights in the skyzone cube! Which way is the correct way? Why all unreal sources say it must be in world cube, but some maps have it in the skyzone cube, and it is working? Which way is the...
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    Hello. I am having the following problem. I have ROMinefield and I want to make it triggerable (if possible by certain class). Round starts and minefield is innactive. After some Event player gets chance to choose whether to activate it. The player with the corresponding class goes to the...
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    RO *u, *ucc, decompiling, compiling, Classes, HELP!!!

    Can be deleted now :)
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    KF Help! Cannot remove texture.

    Hello! I have the following problem. I have some substracted cubes, and I want to remove texture from one of the walls so there is no texture and its transparent bullets go through and so on-just like wall does not exist. The problem is I cant remove texture, I can only apply new ones. Please...
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    RO What the hell???

    Nevermind, delete the thread.
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    RO RO&Carpathian Crosses questions and ideas!

    Hello I am having a question: does any on know how I can add a class from Carpathian crosses? (with all its weapons) to RO Vanilla? Also I payed on the PL FIghtNight server yesterday and...
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    RO2 TWI, Why such a decision?

    Decided to finally ask on the official forums, aaaaaaaa(most of you already see the rage on the Steam Community hub) Why when one buys Rising Storm gets RO2 for free? (My point) I bought RO2 2 years ago. At the beginning game was unplayable, after releasing a lot of patches it finally began to...
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    [Error] One frame thread lag option not available!

    Hello, since there is no "russian fonts fix" like in RO OST and KF( you cannot show cyrilic fonts in english version of RO2, I decided to install russian version of the game, because I often play on russian server, and would like to communicate with others normally. Everything is fine, except...
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    RS Flamethrower question

    Hello I have a question (I dont have beta key) What is the model of the US flamethrower used in game? M1 or M2 flamethrower? Also did you huys add the option to control the flamethrower using 2 mouse buttons for the 2 actions: rear pistol grip: fuel release, front pistol grip: ignition control...
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    RO2 Anoying bugs still not fixed.

    Some short list of annoying bugs: When using RDG smoke grenade and igniting it, after the timer "burns" and the smoke starts to come off the smoke grenade magically disapears or drops in the feet of the one holding it! Extremely annoying! In Ostfront it was made so much better! When you hold...
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    [Crash] *Please* Help with this!!!

    Hello I am having problems with RO editor; it wont run! I deleted entire game (folder every file everything) Clean install Ostfront and editor still no luck. I disabled "Surround view" in my BIOS (TO disable integrated GPU) I doublechecked it wont show anymore in Device manager, and still NO...