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  1. mrsirr


    This is just a slight concern. It occurs to me that, unless I'm mistaken, the katana is pretty much better in every way than the crovel. This isn't a bad thing exactly, but it's weird that as a berzerker I immediately ditch my tier 1 weapon for an off-perk weapon. The katana weighs less, costs...
  2. mrsirr

    Yeey AK-12

    I've just read that right at the end of 2014 Russia made plans to accept the AK-12 and AEK-971 into service some time in 2015. Can anybody confirm this? I hope it's true; I was so bummed thinking that the AEK-971 and AK-12 would just fade into obscurity.
  3. mrsirr

    Vehicle Armor-Penetration and whatnot.

    Can anyone comprehend the code for the armor and such on the vehicles? Some things like the hitzones and their health are fairly self explanatory, but the armor bits just confuse me.
  4. mrsirr

    Mechanics of Terminal Ballistics.

    Warning, this is a long post, I'm not abridging it because I want to be very very clear. If you aren't into this kindof thing this article probably won't make you a fanatic. Although this is a good place to get a pretty good run-down if you're interested but don't know where to start. Basic...
  5. mrsirr

    RO2 Health/Damage System

    Nerd question: How does this system work exactly? I know that there are the different hit zones and such and what not. But how does that work with respect to the damage value of an individual weapon? For example: I shoot someone in the hand with my K98 *The K98 has a damage value of 115 *the...
  6. mrsirr

    Am I just doing something wrong?

    Okay, first thread. I can do this. Deep breaths. Ahem, This has been an issue with me for awhile now and I was wishing it would just iron out over time but it has not. Everyone has good days and bad days of course, but for me this game is just bipolar. When I'm having a bad day, which is...