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  1. H

    Weapons Stay Mutator Request

    Go to the Steam Workshop page for Marco's Weapons Stay Mutator. Rate it, Favorite it, & Subscribe to it. Maybe that is the new model for getting whitelist attention.
  2. H

    Original kf-aperture?

    Does anybody have a copy of the original kf-aperture before all of the fun apertures were removed? I understand that the zeds clogged them up, but removing them completely instead of finding another fix kinda ruined the map. If somebody had it & could rename it to something like...
  3. H

    Silent Stalkers

    Stalkers really give themselves away with their chatter & their clomping feet. I think it would really make the cloaking more of a threat & give more of a reason to have Commandos on the team if the stalkers maybe starting on Hard keep their mouths shut until they de-cloak & for Hell On...
  4. H

    Experience bonus for headshots for all perks

    In order to level up as quickly as possible I have had to train myself to deliberately avoid headshots because the head is worth less damage points. This has led to a crouching & aiming low play style to get the full amount of experience per zed. Then when I am playing for the win I have to...
  5. H

    kf_icebreaker Problem (no rocking on server)

    As I'm sure everybody already knows the grindhouse map kf_icebreaker has a great gimmick in that the inter ship pitches back and forth on the stormy waters. It is such a nice effect that I even got a little seasick the first time I played it. I have an old computer that I use as a private...