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  1. manolito

    Epic Game Store - Server Browser/Matchmaking Connection Investigation Thread

    I only have micro freezes now, there are still no servers in the manu or anything, but at least it does not stay blocked as discussed in other post
  2. manolito

    Skeletalmesh disappears from my map and ...

    Skeletalmesh disappears from my map and the indicator arrows of traders sometimes fail. When I open the map in the editor I get the following error Missing Objects SkeletalMesh CHR_Alan_01_MESH.CHR_Alan_Head01 in kf-beach_invasion SkeletalMesh CHR_Alberts_01_MESH.CHR_Alberts_Head01 in...
  3. manolito


    Hello, I played the map a bit and I found several hits to fix, the first is that I have fps drops from 62 to 20 and continuous pulls. I'll put some photos where you can find them. In this area I was trapped and the zeds did not come, they died alone in the distance This is where I get...
  4. manolito


    My next job is, the great Wall for Games of Throne, I hope something good comes out for the players to enjoy playing it. There is still a long way to go, this is just an early start
  5. manolito


    Administrator please delete this post since I created a new one with the name of the map. Thank you Forgive the inconvenience My next job is, the great Wall for Games of Throne, I hope something good comes out for the players to enjoy playing it.
  6. manolito

    SDK closes constantly

    Hi, I already finished my map and I am trying to make another one based on the wall of game of thrones, but it seems that SDK does not want to do more, just hel wanted to modify some existing material, a 2D texture of the landscape and does not more than close, When I want to save it, the simple...
  7. manolito


    Hi, I found this one.
  8. manolito


    The scenario of the game is based on a map of the game Enemy Territory adapted, in its original version must complete a goal carry some documents from the meeting room in the basement to the radio room on the top floor, in this version that is not Possible since the game does not allow for the...
  9. manolito

    Problems with a trader

    Hi, I have a problem with one of the trader, it is in the basement and it only shows the way with the blue arrows when you are inside the building or nearby, it depends on the input for the player, the changed, they work, but nothing, Until it changed place in the same basement and I do not get...
  10. manolito


    No Title The map itself is already finished, I plan to make some small changes but later, I am now trying to improve the quality and performance, I am following the video of Seanchaoz, where he explains how to do Combined Meshes, on the ground part it seems to go Okay, but on the wall I have a...
  11. manolito


    The game scenario is based on a map of the game Enemy Territory adapted, on the original version must complete an objective take some documents of the meeting room in the basement to the radio room on the top floor, in this version that is not possible since the game does not allow that or I do...
  12. manolito

    hak my server.

    Hi I have a dedicated server that I use for testing a map I'm doing, the fact is that you have password administration, but not to enter play as well can join who want to test the map, today I put into operation and soon try to enter, what was my surprise she asked password, surprised saw with...
  13. manolito


    Hello, for some time to compile the map, some parts of this corresponding to the outside are black, without light, looking at the properties of the material affected I see a value always is changed, only for the moment I fix it by hand every once you compile the map will put the properties of...
  14. manolito


    Well, this is my first map and the first time I do something like this even have to finish it, there are many empty areas, but little by little I am completing, the map is in the workshop of steam up with the method cmd , being the first map I do and ignore completely the procedure, the file has...
  15. manolito

    first map

    Hi I'm finishing my first map "Beach Invasion" is not how this works up the map in beta or anything on the matter, greatly I appreciate it if someone can put me a link where explain how is done to see foulbrood have to do. regards
  16. manolito

    Sounds in and out of rooms

    Hello, I have a problem with sounds on the map I'm doing, is to enter a room from the outside, I have done as on the map of manor a reverbevolume for outside and one for inside, the problem is that upon entering the room, the sounds cease to be heard outside, but the interiors are heard, someone...
  17. manolito

    Storm Effect Manor

    Hi, I'm doing a map and want to add the effects of tromenta manor, I have achieved the sky with rain and lightning, but I can not put lightning and storm sound. Someone can tell me how to get it? regards Thank you