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  1. ThePatriarch

    kf2 beta does it exist?

    Hey gang, I cant seem to find where the private beta sign up is? anyone know where? thanks
  2. ThePatriarch

    kfmapvotev2 no go?

    can someone pleae help me, i cant get the mut kfmapvotev2 to show up in my voteconfig area in web admin? i installed the mut right but still no show? thanks
  3. ThePatriarch

    How do you know when............

    i see quite alot of Muts that dont have readme files here on the forums and elsewhere and was wondering, How do you know when a mut belongs in a command line serverpackages(in ini) or server actors(in ini) ive read the tutorials and NONE of them state this?
  4. ThePatriarch

    changing weapon names?

    ive been trying to get whiskys russian to english ytanslator to work and i did ALL that was required, bt it STILL doesnt work, so, is there a way i can ghange the names of wepon muts myself so that they show up in serverperks v6?
  5. ThePatriarch

    how do i fix these errors

    look in my server log and this is what i see............ Warning: Failed to load 'Emo': Can't find file 'Emo' Warning: AddToPackageMap: Invalid package Emo Warning: Failed to load 'Mutator=AdminPlus_v3': Can't find file for package 'Mutator=AdminPlus_v3' Warning: Failed to load 'Class...
  6. ThePatriarch

    how to get doom3 sentry working?

    i forgot how to get the entry working inMarcos doom3 mut? was it s pickup line or something? doesnt show in server perks trader? and can someone please add it to the doom3 sticky so that people dont have to keep asking this? thanks
  7. ThePatriarch

    anyone got dual Makrovs?

    im using a russian to english mutator that WPC Whiskey made, and i cant get it to work right? i looked in server logs and it said i was missing a pp18 mut, so i added that, now it says im missing a "PMmut" which are the Russian Dual Makrovs, but i dont have those and the website that has them...
  8. ThePatriarch

    maps still showing

    i added some maps to my kf server and then went in my web admin and removed all "default " maps and put custom maps in map cycle, but when the roumd ends and map lists show, the default maps are still there? bu the defaults are not in the webadmin cycle lists? what did i do wrong and how do i...
  9. ThePatriarch

    i need help adding mut pls

    i installed a mutator from a russian website called the Aug heres the ucl info...
  10. ThePatriarch

    Buy KF Game and Get the Girl????

    OK, Tripwire updates KF and now theres a New Girl on the Block......Oh Hell Yeah Baby!!!! But wait!!!!!...........I have to Buy Killing Floor all over again just to get this new Char???wth? i already own the game with ALL, every Dlc's ever made, so whats the deal? why doesnt Tripwire make a...
  11. ThePatriarch

    [H]ARDCORE GAMING wants and needs you

    Hey there, just wanted to let you know that i have a new counter strike source and killing floor 6 man server that has custom whitelisted "day" maps and we play on all difficulties except Begginner, also we have as well s new teamspeak. we are located here in the USA, so, if you like to join...
  12. ThePatriarch

    doom 3 Monster summon commands?

    i recent;y made a server with doom 3 monsters on ut for killing floor. I also installed AdminPlus 2.0 as well. I was wondering if someone could help me fing the summon commands fpr the doom3 monsters for adminplus, as well as the commands for killing floor monsters as well?? thanks Mates!!!
  13. ThePatriarch

    KFS FUNMAP help please?

    i installed and have kfs funmap running on a server that i rent from UGS. my problem i am having, is that when i die, i have to disconnect and reconnect to the server, because the server puts me in spectate mode whenever i die???? csn soeone please help me fix this issue, so that when i die, i...
  14. ThePatriarch

    which line is it? pls help.........

    when my gameserver has people in it, all must check ready ti start the there a line in the ini file that you can change, so that 50% or less can ready up and the game still starts? instead of all having to be ready to have the game start? thanks
  15. ThePatriarch

    which line is it? pls help.........

    when my gameserver has people in it, all must check ready ti start the there a line in the ini file that you can change, so that 50% or less can ready up and the game still starts? instead of all having to be ready to have the game start? thanks
  16. ThePatriarch

    Bad Bugs in Whitelisted Mutators?

    i installed the whitelisted Mutators................antiblock, FF revenge, and corpses everywhere, well when i go into a game, i get attacked by invisible matter where i go invisible clots attack me....wth???? i restarted my server and still the same thing??? can ya tell me please...
  17. ThePatriarch

    wheres my perks

    i have no perks in KF anyine know whats going on? ty
  18. ThePatriarch

    we are Hardcore Killing Floor Players

    I have a killing floor serverx2 that run on normal--HoE.........we are always looking for new recruits to play with us, we have over 20 kf players and are looking for more. join us on Teamspeak 3 ip: port:9989 thanks for reading this :-)
  19. ThePatriarch

    what are reputation points for?

    u see this rep point thingy on my posts and itsays i have 9 points and that im an unknown quantity? whats this all mean?
  20. ThePatriarch

    The Trader Strikes Back!!

    i have some Female players in my Teamspeak as well as gameserver, and they are always griping about how there are no "female" chars in KF. So, why not Bring in our ol lovely "lady Trader" to do some carnal damage in the war against Mutants? this would be a great oppurtunity to increase Female...