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  1. ightenhill

    Is there not now a danger

    That if this goes out as a retail dlc we are going to end up with a small playerbase fragmnented down to a tiny playerbase on both products. Is there a plan on release to at least get ro2 out there at a tiny price so that we can encourage growth onto both products, or do we have something else...
  2. ightenhill

    Problem with Betas when the community is so small

    The Ro2 playerbase is now so small we have the unfortunate situation where we are practically halving it again due to the beta being out so long and some playing it to death and nothing else.. How much longer do we imagine its going to take to roll out.. Its also really sad to see so many...
  3. ightenhill

    We all need to take a happy pill like this guy
  4. ightenhill

    [Error] Sound Bug still here

    Im sure it was in a changlog already but it clearly didnt work.. Same server three or four maps - map change - Then you get NO SOUND
  5. ightenhill

    Can the level of Bloom be adjusted

    Just wondering if theres any ini setting that controls how Bloom is applied.. I quite like what the Bloom effect is doing to the image but on some maps, especially snow coated ones it really does seem overpowering and removes or smothers detail completely.
  6. ightenhill

    Quick question re AA and patches

    Will we ever be able at some future date manage to solve the external AA and Menus issue.. It just seems a bit bizarre you get better looking AA from the driver combined with a better fps than the in game system. Whats more bizarre is the Video and Stats / progress pages seem totally...
  7. ightenhill

    What are your issues

    There seems to be an issue with the devs about communication and minority wants. As the forum now represents quite a high percentage of those still playing the game rather than the 0.01% that was mentioned what are your issues.
  8. ightenhill

    Is this supposed to happen re Stats

    Today I went on an empty server to try a few ini tweaks and noticed the bots are set at dumb level. Whats the point of having a stats system where people get rewarded on playing and grow over time when you can simply run around shooting the dopy AI.
  9. ightenhill

    Spamming Admin messages

    I'll not name them but is there any way server admins could reduce the amount of Admin messages auto appearing.. Some servers are ridiculous in the amount scrolling up its impossible to see normal messages
  10. ightenhill

    Which Process option do you use and why

    I actually like the way War Film mutes the oversaturated look down (reds and greens especially are almost cartoon like on some maps) though the grain is annoying as hell.. So Im torn between Normal and War.. As the grain is so annoying in Zoom I'll chooses Normal.
  11. ightenhill

    Can we have War Film without the grain

    I actally like the muted look of this process option (Some of the reds and greens in normal mode and enhanced are just way over saturated) but the grain is just so distracting when in zoom..
  12. ightenhill

    [Error] Stats resetting on there own?

    Just launched and all stats have reset.. Nothing to do with me forcing it but I think a verify cache may be responsible..
  13. ightenhill

    OK why have all my stats reset

    Just had to verify cache as that game unavailable message appeared.. All Stats have now reset.. This is getting slightly annoying
  14. ightenhill

    Alan Wilson interview

    Not sure if this has been posted, couldnt find it..
  15. ightenhill

    Anyone tried FXaa injector in ro2 may try it later (but wonder if steam may pick it up as a hack)
  16. ightenhill

    Training Achievements not working

    Bit of an odd one and not that iportant but it appears if you have previously done this before the reset and you go back to do it again it doesnt give the achievement
  17. ightenhill

    Is there an FPS or stutter issue with steam friends

    I'm not sure if this occurred after today's patch.. I'm still getting reasonable 40 -60 fps on mainly ultra but I was getting spikes (didn't happen before todays patch).. Now I notice though that I can almost eradicate them by launching from the exe rather than steam library, and making sure I...
  18. ightenhill

    Where are the big Tanks Maps

    Im wondering if its just the servers I go on haven ot got them in rotation.. I just wondered if there are any mapslike those in the original which were predominantly tank battles over large areas.
  19. ightenhill

    How may pre launch patches have we had and

    And where's the changelogs.. Cant find it in Steams usual place and can only find reference to one patch in the sticky in the news section and another that's in the General section. Why cant we just use the Steam system that's why its there. Or if we don't/can't want to can we at least sticky...
  20. ightenhill

    How Do I get the graphics to be sharper

    Character Graphics on Ultra always seem to have a blurriness to them (is it some side effect of the motion blur etc). What are the optimum settings to keep things sharp. Also is it just me but is it not remembering your processing seclection (Normal, Enhanced, War Zone) between games