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  1. eckojay

    Specific character lines only triggering in offline mode

    Category: Sound / Audio Reproducibility: Always Summary: The KZED_Massacre_Base dialogue trigger only appears to work in offline mode but not in multiplayer / when playing with others. Description: The KZED_Massacre_Base sound file will only trigger when playing offline. This file never...
  2. eckojay

    M32 does not use correct shell bounce audio

    Category: Sound / Audio Reproducibility: Always, Summary: M32 uses 9mm shell sounds instead of M32 shell sounds Description: This can be reproduced by reloading the M32 when it is empty and the character drops out the empty shells. Since it was introduced it uses what sound like 9mm shell...
  3. eckojay

    KF2 consistantly causing PC to blue screen

    Hey, I'm running KF2 on Windows 10 and it seems that each match I play my PC will get the blue screen of death before I can finish a match. Prior to this the game runs fine with no visible issues. Each time the blue screen gives me the error "DPC_Watchdog_violation". While I understand this is...
  4. eckojay

    Eviscerator innacuracy and strange projectile behaviour

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Sometimes Summary: Eviscerator projectiles experiencing erratic behavior such as going in wrong directions and bumping into invisible walls Description: This set of bugs consists of three distinct behaviours found in the eviscerators blade projectiles. 1)...
  5. eckojay

    Thoughts on the direction of the game

    In recent times I've been pretty concerned about some of the design decisions for the game. I know this is something you've heard time and time again. Resistances, PvP, Knockback, things of that nature. As isolated features you can say why each on their own may not be good for the game. But I...
  6. eckojay

    Increasing the lifetime of particle effects

    I was wondering how exactly I specify the lifetime or duration of a particle effect. In this case I want to have the ejected casings remain on the map for a much longer duration than they currently do (20 seconds). I've looked through the physics systems and corresponding particle effects for...
  7. eckojay

    Fleshpound audio overhaul

    In the WWAUT posted detailing the gunslinger weapons Tripwire stated that they were doing a full rework of the fleshpounds audio.
  8. eckojay

    Desert Eagle 'Hand Cannon' animations

    I've noticed that in the update preview videos posted by Rage Quitters UK the hand cannon appears to use identical animations to the 9mm pistol. Is this a final decision or can we expect to see unique animations for each weapon when the build goes live?
  9. eckojay

    Issue with toggling lights

    I am having an issue with toggling lights on a custom map I am working on. Every light on the map is destructible and has two damage states, flickering and destroyed. Many of the destructible lights consist of both a spotlight and and a pointlight. Each of these lights are toggleable and I am...
  10. eckojay

    Question on useable triggers and door welding

    Hello, my question for this is two fold as opposed to making two separate threads. I looked through the level design forum and couldn't see any solutions to either. First of all is it possible to make doors be welded to their maximum value by default? I'm trying to make things a little...
  11. eckojay

    Changing volume of certain effects

    I love that ejected rounds have some persistence to them in this game and I noticed that they make a sound when they hit surfaces. However, it is extremely quiet and damn near impossible to hear over the game. I can barely even hear them in the silence of the editor. I feel like hearing the...
  12. eckojay

    Player health and armour

    I've looked through the forums and was surprised to find very few people talking about this. Am I the only one who is unhappy with the health and armour display above players heads in the game? I find them really difficult to read at a glance, especially when there's more than one. The lack of...
  13. eckojay

    Less voice responses?

    I was quite disappointed to see the changes to the character dialog menu. Aside from the awkward radial controls, why is there less options for response than Killing Floor 1? Has the number of responses been reduced to accommodate the radial menu or is it for some other reason? The inability to...