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    Request for help regarding a "Show Current Stats" mutator

    I own a Zedternal server and one of the most requested mutators or mods everyone seems to be interested in adding is the ability to "view" or see your stats update in real-time on your screen or elsewhere. Is it possible to do this? I'm not very experienced with creating mods from scratch as...
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    KF (Question) 3rd Person Weapon Skin Location

    I was wondering where the 3rd person weapon skin location is defined in the weapon code. Is it in the weapon file? The pickup file? I would like some help figuring out where it's defined in the code. I made a few skins but can't seem to figure out how the 3rd person weapon skin is applied in...
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    KF Rusty Weapons Pack

    This is currently a WIP and will include 3 weapons from the base game. This pack will serve like the paid community skin weapon packs except these weapons will be altered to fit their skins. As rusted weapons they will shoot slower, reload slower, cost less but have much more firepower. (Had...
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    KF (Release) Explosive AA-12 Shotgun (v1.1)

    v1.3 Released - RUSTY SKIN UPDATE (Low-Res Version) ((INFO:)) A semi-automatic explosive AA-12 shotgun. As of now the weapon is basically a normal AA-12 with modified projectiles and rate of fire. In the future I plan to add a custom model and animations along with sound. This weapon is...
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    KF Replacing the default knife through trader

    I was making a knife weapon mod and I was wondering if it's possible that when this new knife is bought it can remove the default knife from your inventory so the new one may take its place? I'm trying to make it so players have a chance to upgrade thier knife and be able to drop the default...