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    Useful rifleman brief

    This is the simplest and best video I've seen about the role of the rifleman in RO2. I'd go as far as to say that every new player should watch it. RO2 Rifleman on Youtube It took me a while to shrug off applying an FPS mentality to RO2, which is: Stay alive Get kills Help cap The first...
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    After a long hiatus...

    Due to baby arrival I haven't played RO2 since April. Just logged in for a couple of rounds (I stuck to HOS maps) and it's funny what a bit of absence does. It's good to be back. Slightly apprehensive about diving into the RS world just yet, but great to see so many players.
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    Mac performance

    Tried RO1 on my '12 Macbook Pro (Intel HD 4000). It's very fast. Actually appears smoother than my normal (pretty powerful) Linux box (Nvidia 550 Ti), which has surprised me. Also looks a lot prettier. I'm guessing much of this is down to proprietary Intel gubbins. Thought it would be...
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    So now Steam for Linux is an official release..

    Can we fix Steamworks integration for Darkest Hour and Mare Nostrum please?
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    Have I become one of those people? :)

    A friend pointed out this old gem of a thread about a sequel that is nowhere near as good as the original, had been ruined by the devs, and is dying... The shock of the new. Always interesting to look back and really consider how much...
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    I've let the score on the menu play on a few times. It really is bloody brilliant. It's easy to skip it after a few bars but whoever did that did a fantastic job.
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    Doing better with newcomers

    The last few nights I have witnessed some appalling attitude on realism servers, and given the game's numbers before, during, and after the free weekend I can't help but think this is part of the problem. People were talking as if they were ejected from the womb being able to play the game. On...
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    Since the Linux version has been out...

    ...Been having some good games before 10pm EST. The old magic is still very much there, and I hope more people are inclined to play. It's still incredibly good.
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    Being seen and not seeing...

    I've had a few games recently where I'm getting the distinct impression some players are seeing better than others. I've experienced on Spartanovka on one notable occasion, and my last round at Dhruzhina was very frustrating. I can be prone in divots or behind cover on relatively even elevation...
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    Linux Steam beta

    Worth reiterating that if you own RO1, use Linux and can get the beta client working (there's packages for most distros now, I think) RO1 will be there in all its glory. You do not need to be in the Valve closed beta, every major distro community has figured out how to get on with your regular...