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  1. Vapid

    Husk waves

    Eurghh, seriously, these are seemingly impossible. I play Suicidal and generally don't have any problems unless I make obvious mistakes or occasionally get caught in a bad spot, but no matter how good my team is I am consistently unable to beat Husk waves - there's just too much fireball spam...
  2. Vapid

    Has anyone had any issues logging in or posting?

    I haven't, but I'm wondering if some of the devs have. ;)
  3. Vapid

    The game cannot remember gear & settings customization

    Category: UI/system/code? Reproducibility: Always (any recent version) Summary: The game never remembers/saves my gear customization settings, and will sometimes reset key bindings. Description: Regardless of version number, the game does not remember what gear my character is wearing; every...
  4. Vapid

    Volter Manor -- thrown cash stuck behind invisible wall

    Category: level design Reproducibility: Always (thrown money just has to land there) Summary: thrown cash stuck behind invisible wall on Volter Manor Description: At this spot (above screenshot) the thrown cash is stuck behind the invisible wall at the edge of the map, but seemingly in front...
  5. Vapid

    KF2 33% off on Steam & GMG

    Would have liked a bigger discount, but it's an incentive I suppose. I guess this means the update will drop today/tomorrow? :IS2:
  6. Vapid

    @Tripwire staff

    Please can you do a 75% off KF2 Easter flash sale so my friend can buy it cheap? Many thanks in advance. :D :IS2:
  7. Vapid

    Will we get a third boss type before the end of Early Access?

    Just curious, and I certainly hope so. I really like Hans, and it's great they brought Patty back, but I'd definitely like another boss type if possible. Surely TWI are working on something behind the scenes. The Matriarch??? :IS2:
  8. Vapid

    Double-barreled Boomstick weight

    Whilst the default pump-action shotgun weighs 5 slots, the double-barreled Boomstick - a larger, more expensive weapon - only weighs 4 slots, which I assume is an error. Other T2 weapons tend to weigh 6 slots, and I do think the double-barreled Boomstick ought to as well, so as to match the...
  9. Vapid

    RPG projectiles 'whooshing' and disappearing

    As a Medic, my strategy is often to get in close to heal allies and then provide fire support from a distance, and recently I've been using the RPG a lot. Generally I have no problems with it, but I noticed that sometimes I will fire at something - the distance doesn't seem to make a difference...
  10. Vapid

    Which three weapons would you like added?

    Pick any three - and only three - and explain your choices. Ideally try to pick weapons which do not overlap too much with existing KF2 weapons. Personally I do not think that variety simply for variety's sake is always a good idea - i.e. numerous near-identical pistols or shotguns. Also, make...
  11. Vapid

    Windows 8 Pro / KF - General Protection Fault

    Build UT2004_Build_[2004-11-11_10.48] OS: Windows NT 6.2 (Build: 9200) CPU: GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 2354 MHz with 4095MB RAM Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti (697) General protection fault! History: UD3D9RenderDevice::SetRes <- UWindowsViewport::TryRenderDevice <-...
  12. Vapid

    Where the hell are Ramm & Wilson?

    Have they both quit or something? I know you guys are working on new content, but they used to post reguarly and now never do. In fact, Ramm's profile says he hasn't logged on to this forum in over a month. Just curious... but I do miss reading Mr. Wilson's witty and insightful posts. :(
  13. Vapid

    Differences between 4 and 8 GB DDR3

    Okay I'm just curious as to why a change in RAM (albeit a large change, but 4GB DDR3 should still be fine I think) has made RO2 almost unplayable for me. In short, I had some PC issues and formatted my HD, re-installed Windows and all my software. So far I'm only running RO2 and one other game...
  14. Vapid

    Is clipping back?

    Is it a server feature or has it been enabled by default? Is it only specific to particular game modes? I've definitely noticed that I am now bumping into people instead of running right through them. It's a feature I missed from RO1 and it seems to be back, which is great.
  15. Vapid

    Action mode is a steaming pile of... really good fun?

    Seriously I just tried it as my first game after finally managing to download the patch (took me a day and a night) and after getting used to the cross-hair it's really good fun! Just had an awesome game on Pavlov's House - the game runs smooth as a nut on ultra, the audio is good, the improved...
  16. Vapid

    [Fix] Typo when first selecting a realism mode server

    "You are the realism mode is designed for those who want..." I assume the word aware is missing? There's definitely a word missing anyway. :IS2:
  17. Vapid

    So my PC's fixed (I hope...) and I'm downloading RO2 - should I be excited?

    Is the GOTY patch the veritable Second Coming for RO2? Is Classic mode awesomesauce and pure win? :D I hope everyone is enjoying the game. :IS2: (Unfortunately my download speed is currently fluctuating between 85 and 250 KB/s...)
  18. Vapid

    What are the lowest laptop specs the game will run on?

    I have a Core2Duo T5800 @ 2.0GHz with an on-board 9200M GE running on Vista x86 with 3 GB RAM. On the lowest settings would the game run okay? I'm assuming not but I thought it would be worth asking. I can run RO1/DH fine. I really want to try the GOTY patch but my PC is f00k'd. :IS2:
  19. Vapid

    Will Rising Storm use the same game modes as RO2?

    Realism / Classic / Action; TE / FF / CD? :IS2: