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  1. Britney Federline

    How should bandaging work?

    Now that we've seen video of RO:HOS gameplay that shows the bandaging system, how do you think it should work? Should it be instant? Should it take a few seconds? Should it take 15-30 seconds, or more? Should it go quicker if you're near a squad leader or teammates? Should you even be able to...
  2. Britney Federline

    Early build of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. posted by devs for download

    Ever wonder how much buggier Stalker was before it was released? Ever wonder about features and areas dropped from the final release? Wonder no more: the devs have released a 2004 build of Stalker for you to run around in. I haven't tried it, but maybe it's bug free with realistic weapons...
  3. Britney Federline

    Inspirational pictures of ruined St. Petersburg?

    I saw these, and they struck me as RO-like shots--at least, what an amazing RO map might look like. Get your inspiration-to-map caps on!
  4. Britney Federline

    Column of Russian Army tanks roll through Moscow waving red flags

    Anyone want to take a guess at the significance of this event: A show of force to the Russian people? Why the red flags instead of Russian flags?
  5. Britney Federline

    Scotland listed as most violent country in the world

    Ach! There's naebody alive that can outstab a Glaswegian!
  6. Britney Federline

    The most decisive battle of WWII that you've never heard of

    This is the story of an overlooked battle that would make a great series of maps--and it's also another reason someone needs to make a Russia v. Japan v. China mod that I'm dying to have done. The story of the battle of Khalkin-Gol/The Nomonhan Incident
  7. Britney Federline

    Map idea--the "last battle of WWII"

    I saw this story as a link on Metafilter. It's known as the final battle of WWII in Europe (which I'm sure you could argue with), but it sounds like a pretty great inspiration for a map: divided groups of partisan Georgians, assisted by the Dutch locals and supported later by a Canadian force...
  8. Britney Federline

    The 3 Shooting Cowboys problem

    You're the rootin'-tootinest cowboy in your town. You think you're pretty hot stuff because you can take your daddy's lucky pistol and hit what you're shooting 1/3 of the time--much better than any of the inbred hillfolk in the rest of the town, who have trouble using a shovel due to their...
  9. Britney Federline

    Nifty video of IED disposal

    Here's a video of three IEDs being disposed of--each closer than the last. Perhaps the satchels in RO2 can look like these (with bonus debris from the sky). I'm amazed at the power of these explosions.
  10. Britney Federline

    Did everyone see Britney at the MTV VMAs?

    I hope everyone got to see me rock the house at the MTV Video Music Awards. And look damn good while doing so.
  11. Britney Federline

    Make me a new sig!

    I need a new sig to reflect my new lifestyle of wild mood swings, radical haircut decisions, and having the government potentially decide that I am unfit to mother my own children. I will decide the winner in a month, unless I can find some script that will allow me to rotate the sigs...
  12. Britney Federline

    Yet another reason to shoot those in the -SUOMI- clan

    This song just made #1 in Finland. Video is from the Finnish TV show Moosensexyyy:
  13. Britney Federline

    An objective idea from EnglishRussia

    Wouldn't this house be a fantastic addition to RO? An exact model would be a great final objective, especially if it was filled with magical brownies.
  14. Britney Federline

    Inspirational photography of Russia

    Here's some HDR'd photography of rural Russia from Thought I'd pass it along if anyone needs a breath of inspiration as they work on their landscapes!
  15. Britney Federline

    Please defeat a Finnish RO player in revenge for this

    I'm pretty sure this video violates the Geneva Convention, or the Second Council of Worms, or the Magna Carta. The Finns must pay.
  16. Britney Federline

    Fun new weapon mod idea--Ground torpedoes!

    If anyone is thinking of experimenting with creating a new weapon, might I suggest reproducing the ground torpedoes used by the Soviets in WWII? If someone could get them to work, they'd be a lot of fun, and even they don't work, you might learn some good...
  17. Britney Federline

    Pictures of lots and lots and lots of Russian snow

    This is from English Russia, which is a great site that we could practically sponsor for all the traffic we could send its way: (Currently Dugg to death, but come back for snowy goodness) That's more white powder than at my last party in Columbia.
  18. Britney Federline

    If the Scots ran Starfleet

    It's Taysiders in Space! I understood "arse" and "nae" and that's about it.
  19. Britney Federline

    Hey Tripwire--no stealing this idea

    Secret film footage from the secret Nazi weapons development archives has been unveiled: Why would secret Nazi films have stuff from the Americans' point of view?
  20. Britney Federline

    Um, there's no way I could make dioramas this well

    This diorama is pretty damn cool: I'm gonna get started on making a competitor. See you guys in 20 years.