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  1. zachjd

    Map Cycles Disappearing [Bug Report]

    Summary: Map Cycle will randomly disappears for some players on the map voting screen postgame. Description: The Map Cycle on my servers will randomly disappear for players or not fully load the whole list. I noticed after a game ends, there's sometimes slight lag before the all the postgame...
  2. zachjd

    Dedicated Server Technical Issues & Requests

    1. Workshop maps failing to update Dedicated server can return an Item State 4 that the map is up-to-date which is incorrect. This forces you to delete custom map from both locations it's installed and delete all its traces from the appworkshop file in order to get an updated version. Launching...
  3. zachjd

    How To Fix Server Mismatch Errors (Custom Maps)

    Hello guys! I made a video with a number of different fixes for server mismatch errors while downloading custom maps. I apologize for my quiet monotone voice in advance, still working on it. :P I hope this can helpful to someone with these issues on their server. Mismatch Error Fix #1...
  4. zachjd

    Personal Bests Bug Report

    Most Heals personal best is bugged. Mine has been stuck at 7677 since 2015. If I surpass it which I have many times, it does not change. Large Zed Kills personal best is bugged. Example: If you had 21 Big Zed kills, and you reached 32. It will go back to 21 the next game. Most Headshots...
  5. zachjd

    1,000+ Kills On Solo

    I recently discovered it's possible to earn unlimited kills on solo by killing the ZEDS the Patriarch spawns.
  6. zachjd

    Dedicated Server Activity Log?

    Hello, I run a dedicated server at home. I was curious to know if there is way to keep track of everyone who has joined or left the server, as well as maps that were played and messages sent. My server is quite active but I'd like further details such as an activity log so I can see what...