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  1. Trendkill

    RO RO Sound Files For Use in Project

    I am currently planning an semi-educational animation/slideshow, on the Eastern Front, as a college project but am coming up against the familiar wall of having little options for sound effects. I no longer really play games or use my Steam account but my passion for history is as alive as...
  2. Trendkill

    Should I get RO2?

    With the weather getting worse and holidays coming up I've been playing games a bit more recently. I've gone back and played some RO:Ost for the first time in months (maybe a year or more). I can only find one (Russian) server with many people playing. I'm wondering now about RO2. When RO2...
  3. Trendkill

    Smothering grenades/explosions

    To me at least it seemed that in the original RO the blast from grenades seemed to invisibly penetrate players and be able to kill multiple players when a real grenades effectiveness may have been smothered by the bodies of men in front of it. Of course this may have been due to the fact the...
  4. Trendkill

    FestungKurland - really overlooked map...

    I was just very bored this morning, looking for an interesting game on Red Orchestra. I noticed an empty server playing a map called FestungKurland_b5 (I think, it was beta-something). So I joined the server and was taken aback. It was like KurlandKessel, but bigger and ten times better looking...
  5. Trendkill

    Good book for mappers

    I've been reading the book Soviet Field Fortifications 1941-45 from Osprey. Obviously I thought I'd point it out because it'd be a good resource for mappers on how to accurately map Russian trenches and fighting positions. It's got some good diagrams on trench layout and construction which...
  6. Trendkill

    Stalingrad Grain Elevator

    I'm drawing a picture, nothing special just for my own amusement, and I need to know what the inside of the famous Grain Elevator in Stalingrad looked/looks like on the inside since the picture I'm drawing is of the Russians defending it from the inside... but I don't even know what it looks...
  7. Trendkill

    RPD in WWII?

    Does anyone know: would the Russian RPD machinegun have seen any action during the last stages of World War II?
  8. Trendkill

    Russian tank markings 1945?

    I need to know whether Russian tanks would be using white stripes (like in my sig) at the time of the Battle of Seelow Heights (16th - 19th April)? Or was it only used in the city itself?
  9. Trendkill

    Has PPSh recoil been reduced?

    I was playing a minute ago and it felt a lot like the recoil of the PPSh had been reduced. I typed in chat about it and someone said it has been reduced and they'd seen it in update notes. Obviously I'm happy if it has been reduced but I can't seem to find any update news saying that it has...
  10. Trendkill

    Pictures of Soviet infantry uniforms?

    I'm looking for some pictures of Soviet infantry uniforms from WWII, if possible the sort worn in Stalingrad. I have searched the web but most results are websites selling replica uniforms, which can be very confusing. Does anyone know a website dedicated to the the different uniforms of WWII...
  11. Trendkill

    Runtime Error :(

    RO has been working fine up until I tried to play it today and got this: I deleted the game content and re-installed it but that didn't help so now I have no idea how to fix this... :confused:
  12. Trendkill

    Wondering whether I killed my computer...

    This isn't help with RO exactly, it's a question about whether, through lack of patience, I killed my computer... I'd closed RO in a hurry and it was 'powering down' as it does (I was gonna update my memory later that day to see if it would speed up the process) but because RO takes an age to...
  13. Trendkill

    Lyes Krovy

    Someone on another forum wanted some information on the assault in Lyes Krovy but looking on the net I can't seem to find anything... Can anybody here give me any resources on it?
  14. Trendkill

    Zvezda (The Star) any good?

    I'm thinking about buying the film Zvezda, or The Star but I thought I'd ask here first and see if anyone can tell me if it's worth it. By the way I don't really like un-realistic war films or ones driven heavily by propaganda (which usually ends up making them un-realistic.)
  15. Trendkill

    Need opinions on a couple of games...

    I'm thinking about buying a couple of games, there's Blitzkrieg II: Fall of the Reich and Frontline: Fields of Thunder, just need some opinions if anyone has played these.
  16. Trendkill

    Location of Konigsplatz - I'm very confused...

    Today the Konigsplatz is in Munich, but in 1945 it was in Berlin? All the information about the Battle of Berlin I've read (and games I've played :p) mentions the Soviet forces crossing of the Konigsplatz during the assault on the Reichstag. Yet the only information of the location of...
  17. Trendkill

    So seriously, why no even teams?

    I just wanna know why the 50 player servers (or most servers for that matter) don't force teams to be evened out, I know I've seen servers where if you try to join a team and there are too many players on that team it will ask you to join the other team... I now rarely play a server playing...
  18. Trendkill

    Need help on a little known game...

    I doubt many have played the game Stalingrad but I thought this would be one of the best places to ask if anyone has... I'm stuck on the RKKA mission God of War, I'm not exactly sure what I have to do, I'm pretty sure I eliminated all the German defenses but the objective marker on the map is...
  19. Trendkill

    Your perfect WWII game?

    Since a lot of people here probably have an interest in WWII or the games it has given rise to I was wondering what battle or front people would love to see in a WWII game...? Personally I'd love to see a Battle of Berlin first person game where you play on the German side since there isn't any...
  20. Trendkill

    A Winter War mod

    Is there a team working on a mod that covers the Russo-Finnish wars of 1939-40 and 1941-44? Because personally I think this would be a great addition to the current group of RO mods, especially if the full force of 50 player servers could be implemented. On a side note does anyone know where I...