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  1. JohnnyRaygun

    Small art bug

    Lowest of the lowest priorities for you guys since you have a lot on your plate. You guys are known as gun nuts and love attention to detail on your firearms and it shows. It really feels great shooting zeds so far. That being said: When using the AA-12 shotgun I noticed that it fires from a...
  2. JohnnyRaygun

    Level 50 98k "select grade"

    For those of you who wanted to know what a brand new mauser looks like without the front sight hood.. Shes a beauty...
  3. JohnnyRaygun

    [Info] Negative score when tanking?

    I and another player were playing in Pavlov's House on the German team. We were both tanking. I had killed 45 people at the time, no TKs or anything. When I looked at the end of the match I had -266 total score. Why is this? I went riflemen after learning that and manage to get my score...
  4. JohnnyRaygun

    [Info] Co crewing tanks

    So the 24 Pz. was on a tank server trying to co crew tanks. It's very buggy at this point. It is very hard to spawn as a group in a tank. On top of that, it doesn't list who is in your tank (unless you hit the join a squad tab). While in a co crewed tank, many people can switch around as...
  5. JohnnyRaygun

    [Error] Tank sight vs actual shot placement

    When playing on the Fallen Fighters map myself and another tanker were useless. Both of us had a problem where our cannons and mg's of our Pz 4's were not hitting where our crosshairs were. Our shots were landing 3-4 inches LEFT or RIGHT of where our crosshairs were. At one point I aimed at...
  6. JohnnyRaygun

    [Question] No sound after patch?

    I play with team speak with my unit members in RO2. Been having a blast etc. Ever since I downloaded the patch, I no longer can hear the game. I hear people on TS, I can play other games and hear them, but now with RO2 I cant. I've tried restarting steam and not loading TS. Still no sound...
  7. JohnnyRaygun

    Red Tails, George Lucas's next movie.

    ‪Red Tails (2012) HD Movie Trailer - Lucasfilm Official Trailer‬‏ - YouTube Thoughts? It's about time there is a modern WW2 movie depicting the air war. I can't wait to see it :)
  8. JohnnyRaygun

    I have a weird question to ask..

    So we've seen Stuarts and Ha-Gos and that's all well and good. My question is, other than the Ha-Go (it was insinuated there wouldn't be tank on tank battles), what weapons will the Japanese get to combat American tanks? I know they have a Type 97 20mm AT rifle, but at 150 lbs that isn't...
  9. JohnnyRaygun

    Germans in Stalingrad (in color :D)

    YouTube - ‪Die Schlacht von Stalingrad‬‏ I found this footage of Germans fighting in Stalingrad (in color no less!) The guy's channel has all kinds of color footage I've never seen before. Gets you pumped up for the game! :) The end is pretty sobering too. Puts it in perspective.