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    New voice acting in the beta?

    As the title says; is there any new voice acting? Cause I'm hearing voices and lines I haven't heard before, both in english and native voices... :eek: :D
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    TWI, please explain this...

    Why does the MG 34 have lower recoil when you use it as a russian?
  3. S

    Is it possible to...

    ... swap gun sounds? There are 2 weapon sounds for each weapon (1st person and 3rd person). Is it possible to use the "3rd person" sound for your own weapon? If so, how do you do it? Thanks
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    Seriously, why hasn't this been fixed yet?

    Seriously TWI, we are still unable to melee people laying on the ground. Fix this. It's been like 4 months already?
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    "What will bring you back?" Thread

    As everyone well knows, this "sequel" has lost it's playerbase quite rapidly (RO 1 players and CoD, Bf3.. players aswell). This thread is about what will bring you back playing it. Post your minor/major things that will bring you back playing the game (time spent). Because I read many posts...
  6. S

    TWI was right...

    ... we are only 0.01% of the playerbase. :P You need to look at the Players Online btw xD
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    Enemy weapon loadout

    Please TWI, rethink this "idea". I just was in a game where every russian MG had an mg 34. German riflemen running around with mosins (and vice versa). The game is really ridiculous atm..
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    [Error] Lvl 50 mg 34

    -reload animation is bugged (belt is invisible for a short moment) -you see your belt shadow everywhere -old (dirty) MG 34 model (I think you guys took the tripod model, correct?) -When you reload (after your firing every round from the previous belt) you load a "close to empty belt)
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    When will the double xp event end?

    As the title says, when will it be over? Personally I think 2 weeks are enough..
  10. S

    [Error] Removal of ammo when visiting ammo boxes

    When you visit an ammo box it removes 1 (double drum mag (mg34). Instead of getting extra mags.
  11. S

    Can't level up?

    I was about to lvl my MG to the veteran level (4). But when it lvled up I went back to lvl 2(battle hardened)?? But my profile says this: 4330/4134 xp???
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    What happened to...

    ... - Tik tok fritz joke? - Young, annoying german voice? :D Cause they both seem missing.
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    Request: Proper voice command menu.

    Like the title says. I'd like to see a voice command menu with numbers like in RO 1 or TF2 for example. I'd like the option aswell to manually shout out: Sniper!, MG!, etc.
  14. S

    [Game] Reinstate David Bateson as Agent 47 in Hitman Absolution

    Titel says all :) Please sign if you don't want that christian bale like voice. Hitman Absolution *new* voice (agent47) - YouTube
  15. S

    Performance is worse after the 2(?) latest patches

    I'm having really bad fps (including sound) after the latest patches. I could run the game with high settings at launch.
  16. S

    Scoped K98 gets bayonet???

    Wait what? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    Next Upgrades: MG

    There are 2 upgrades for the MG 34 at lvl 25: Dual drummag and the other "75 round". Can I assume the "75" is a belt magazine? That would make me soooo happy :D Plus whats the black handgrip for the P 38?? Cheers :)
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    Mod assistance needed at steam chat

    Title says all ^_^
  19. S


    I just got a pistol kill at 71m range, hooray. But it took like 3 shots to kill him... I almost need 3 (in the torso) shots everytime to kill a person, except I shoot him in the head. Have they lost their lethality? :confused: