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    Recycling duplicates is not working properly!?

    Not sure if it's a bug or it was intentional, so I post it here. Searched the forum, but haven't seen anyone talking about it. Every time I try to recycle my duplicates I can only recycle 10. It's so annoying when you have more that 10 duplicates. You really have to repeat that recycle process...

    Any last chance on getting blocked achievments and characters?

    I was wondering, will it be possible to unlock the Xmas achievments and Portal-related ones :confused: TWI, please, make it possible next year on anniversary date or so :( I want to unlock 100% of achievments as well as Baddest Santa guy :D Also, I've missed this Indiana Jones look alike...

    Russian/Cyrillic Fonts in KF

    I know, there were several alike topics, but none of them have answer which would suit me. Whether I play any russian server, or anyone type words in cyrillic, all I can see is THIS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :confused: Is there anything that could be done about it? I like english version, and would...

    And once again...Female Characters thread!

    Well, there were several topics about lack of female characters in KF. But still, we still have no clue, Is TWI going to inject Good Ol' Killing Floor with estrogen or not!? :D I watched the DLC characters packs pass one by one with each update, but I've noticed that there was not a single...

    Can't compile mutator

    Hey guys, I faced a problem trying to compile my .uc files into .u file. All .uc files are located in MUTATOR/classes directory (where MUTATOR is the name of mutator) I created a .bat file UCC make UCC Dumpint MUTATORBut when I run it, I see this in my log file No packages found matching...

    KFDS - Weird problem with connection

    Well, I'm running a dedicated server with different mutators and 30 players. Anyone can connect it without any problems. But after some time, especially when maps were changed twice or more, no one can connect my server, while those who joined the game before, keep playing on the server. It just...