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  1. TheRealGunther

    Defensive smoke ..your thoughts

    I'm I the only one who thinks defensive smoke in the capzone is a stupid idea? this has bugged me for years playing ro1 and 2. An example the defensive team sets up inside a capzone with a good line of sight killing enemies as they run towards the zone.Then some SL comes along and tosses smoke...
  2. TheRealGunther

    Screenshot of New Map?

    I found this on the web it don't look to be the ro1 engine and it looks to be ro2 from what I can tell and the pic was titled "RO2_apro_cimmodositas".Also in early interviews I remember the delvs talking about a 3rd party map pack to be released shortly after launch.Perhaps this screen was from...
  3. TheRealGunther

    [Question] Only 2 servers showing

    Today I tried beta and after when I launched the regular game I am only seeing 2 servers and I have no filters checked.I searched everywhere for an answer and nothing fixed it even the stickied server fix.plz help
  4. TheRealGunther

    [Error] Can't select spawn

    Sometimes I get stuck on the spawn in screen and can't select my spawn point or hit continue.Doesn't happen alot but when it does sometimes I have to set 2-5 mins before it lets me spawn...I noticed also not just in game but when I try to cancel server or even at main menu I cant select anything...
  5. TheRealGunther

    loosing bayonet and honor

    My first bug report! I havn't had alot of major problems but the few times I have crashed.When I come back to the server im missing my bayonet and when I check my weapons and honor their clearly alot lower level .It doesn't save them ty god but for that round they are missing. minor bug but...
  6. TheRealGunther

    Advice for new players

    Nuf said....After a few days of watching teams handing the enemy matches I couldn't contain myself:p OK to be serious. Here is my "how not to be a noob" guide in TE,CD matches 1. First off this game is about objectives not kills few maps ever come down to reinforcements trying to win by...
  7. TheRealGunther

    I hate to be old fashioned

    But I only like territory matches /discuss