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  1. Tomcat_ha

    [Music] Rest in Power you know why...
  2. Tomcat_ha

    [Music] The Hoff is back

    and ya bunch of newbs dont even make a thread on it. We live in truly dark times on the board.
  3. Tomcat_ha

    Kittuns to the IS2

    I just felt like making a nostalgia thread. You know? Just wondering how everyone still here from the old days is doing. I still have some sporadic IRC contact with very few of {Core}, have a couple guys on facebook. And yes i'm very much out of contact with whats going on nowadays here. I...
  4. Tomcat_ha

    [Game] New unreal tournament coming!? i hope it will be good but im quite wary. lets see tomorrow!
  5. Tomcat_ha

    [Game] so gamespy and the planet websites are gone

    Some of you people might remember that a long long time ago there was a thing like planet unreal and i think even some other proto RO thing was hosted on one of those things. Well They are all gone.
  6. Tomcat_ha

    elder sign

    Elder Sign (HD) - YouTube a product for those of us who suffer from an overwhelming sense of dread brought on by the realization of your own insignificance in the universe
  7. Tomcat_ha

    [Game] that other really cool mod from ut2k4 is getting a remake
  8. Tomcat_ha

    [Movie] At the mountains of madness the movie? I expect **** tbh.
  9. Tomcat_ha

    [Game] total jerkface

    enjoy the gore
  10. Tomcat_ha

    [Music] Ronnie James Dio has died

    Truly one of the greatest vocalists of all time. YouTube - Dio - Holy Diver
  11. Tomcat_ha

    [Game] new civilization \o/
  12. Tomcat_ha

    new gamemode idea

    What about a new gamemode: protect the trader. In the current game you have just have a trader which opens after every wave, what about a trader thats constantly open, but new enemies constantly spawn, that plus you need to keep her safe. If enough enemies make it to the trader and she gets...
  13. Tomcat_ha

    =IcM= seeks new recruits

    =IcM= is looking to recruit more people into the clan. We are mostly a fun clan but we do on a fairly reasonable level for example on roladder. We have no leaders, everyone is equal and are open to everyone who can get allong with us as long as we can get allong fairly nice. We are also open...
  14. Tomcat_ha

    The FoV issue solved

    well almost now just remove the borders and make it curving and awwww yeahhhh
  15. Tomcat_ha

    takim turkiye/team turkey nationscup

    iste bu
  16. Tomcat_ha

    [Game] since tripwire is at the GDC

    Can we hear anything about it? i put it here because this belong in neither the kf or ro forums.
  17. Tomcat_ha

    [Game] x-com weekend deal on steam

    for only 5 bucks you can get all x-com games on steam. I couldnt resist as i lost my cd's.
  18. Tomcat_ha

    Norwegians know how its done :D
  19. Tomcat_ha

    Arthur C Clarke has died :\ He wrote so many great books. He's hand down my favourite writer ever.
  20. Tomcat_ha

    [Music] tomcat ha is ruling by his axe

    viking axe used ibanez rg170 + microcube