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  1. DMN666

    Proper set up of materials on 3dsmax

    Due to KF2 SDK taking way to much time and energy to properly use on my old laptop, i import models into 3dsmax which does the job pretty well. I set the Material to anisotropic and have the diffuse (_D) on Diffuse Color, Specular (_S) on Specular Level and Normal (_N) on Bump. I think this is...
  2. DMN666

    Can someone explain to me why Zerk has these 2 weapons?

    So just the other day, i came to a realization about the Zerk's load outs. 2 Weapons did not fit his... aesthetics? Zerk seems to be about makeshift weaponry or just tools. Technically speaking, makeshift is anything that is used for unintended uses. These 2 being the EMP Grenade and the...
  3. DMN666

    How did a bug like this get passed testing...

    "Incoming zeds" ui banner literally stop you in your tracks and places you inside a cylinder like invisible room (think of a mime). Srsly, how did this sly in?! Also Hans is scared of closed doors, happened once to me on solo in Containment station. I waited inside a room, with the doors merely...
  4. DMN666

    [Weapon] The Gentlemen's Revolver MKII

    V2 now on the workshop: This bangin-*** weapon is all yours! A reskin i had made a while ago. Only just now i added it to KF2. Dont know how to upload junk to the workshop... so any help there is appreciated! Download: Mediafire PS...
  5. DMN666

    Changing scripted voices?

    Uh, i might not get anything, but it doesnt hurt to ask. So i wanted to remove the clot's noises from its burn animation. I saved it as a new file but when i recheck it, it does not save the edited notifiers. I think other then this, i also wanted to use the on fire animations as its standard...
  6. DMN666

    Regarding on actual Weapon skins/Cosmetics

    So I was wondering TW if content creators will recieve anything for have their skin/item accepted in to the game? As for example in TF2, contributors would recieve their item in a OOAK Self-made quality. So will KF2 have anything in return for the creator(s) or nah? Seconds matter is the gold...
  7. DMN666

    KF2/SDK won't launch

    So my laptop no longer seems to run KF2 nor does it load the SDK. Im assuming its this recent update that ruined the game. Last time my laptop ran this game was during the pre-beta. So during the I&D update, i had to download a chunk of files. My game was last saved on lowest. Wanting to start...
  8. DMN666

    Sound file giving me errors

    So i recently made a voicepack for Reverend Alberts using his KF2 voice. I have everything set up but when i want to test it out in game, my game crashes with this error while loading up any map (Im using him as a client-side mod). Build UT2004_Build_[2004-11-11_10.48] OS: Windows NT 6.2...
  9. DMN666

    Some help

    Hello, even though this game seems to be very unactive, I would still like to play around with stuff. So i need some help. 1) How can i change the Husk's fireball color, specifically that of the XMas one (Or all if they use the same script). 2) In 3DS Max, I wanted to edited a model and...
  10. DMN666

    ActorX error crash

    SO let me explain what I'm doing. I wanted to edited a model. So i edited a zed, spliced another model (prop) from KF and placed it with the first model (zed) I saved it as a .max and called it a day. I reopen the .max later and gave it some final tweaks. Opened up ActorX, choice my save path...
  11. DMN666

    [WhiteListed] Hunting Rifle & Moss12 Trader Fix

    A Whitelisted mutator to fix the outdated "Add Trader" mutator for the Hunting Rifle and adds the Moss12! Packed in 1 mutator, how dandy! First download both weapons!: Hunting Rifle @Steam Workshop Moss12 @Steam Workshop Next you download the fix mutator from either Steam Workshop or MediaFire...
  12. DMN666

    Problems in Devil's House (TOY)

    - The trader hallways can be closed. This is a problem if you closed the door before you go inside. You cant proceed to the next area. - The Uber puppets feet go through the floor. - Zeds get stuck on the 3rd floor balcony. This is all i found out right now. I think Skell has more to add to the...
  13. DMN666

    KF Game modes and maps

    Due to the End of the Line update, the zed code has been changed and all of the mission maps that run of the standard KF gametype, some objective maps, Glasshouse gamemode, and some Story gamemode maps will be broken. To fix this issue and have these maps.modes playable again, you must download...
  14. DMN666

    So who is the old guy?

    Who is this mysterious man? Edit: Will its Police_Constable_Briar! Is he a new french police officer? Police_Sergeant_Davin true face? Or even Masterson himself? Clones have a phenomenon of aging faster then a normal human. This old dude is 1 of the 4 confirmed playable characters as of now.
  15. DMN666

    KF2 Screen shots

    We know this is what you want to see ;) Others
  16. DMN666

    Mouse in SDK fidgets around

    I recently got a new laptop. When using SDK, my mouse goes slightly all over the place and makes it hard for me to place or move anything on the map viewer. This also happens in the animation or static viewer.
  17. DMN666

    So IJC had 2 other weapon ideas

    The RPG-7 and UMP .45 Would anyone like these in game? I really can't see any significant difference from any other commando weapon and LAW. So I wouldn't mind if they are released as DLC (which it probably will). If you care, you could like there Facebook, maybe they will make them if they...
  18. DMN666

    Would the stalker be more useful if...

    she can phase through doors (closed/welded/whatever). As of now, she is just a meat shield. Edit: Fine, and also attacks while moving.
  19. DMN666

    Congrats KF for being in GT's Top 10 Most Metal Games Now i want KF2 to be more metal...
  20. DMN666

    Can we change the priority of Demo Weapons?

    Srsly, sometimes i would carry a type of grenade launcher with me, especially during a mission map, but i HATE it when i need to take my weapon to shoot a few zeds close to me. And BOOM i forget that my M79 is always first and kill a stalker. Sometimes i damage myself because of it, or the...