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  1. Dafe

    Pax East Boston

    I just found out yesterday about this event. I see that tickets are sold out but I was wondering if TWI could find a way to get me a ticket to buy. Thanks
  2. Dafe

    KF2 Leaked Footage

    Patriarch Death
  3. Dafe

    You Are Welcome TWI

    Over at yahoo this morning I noticed this So, I took it upon myself to leave a comment about Killing Floor 2 and hopefully I've "aroused" others who are posting their own thoughts...
  4. Dafe

    Culmination Of The Past

    What I see are tons of ideas from older games being brought to a profound new level of death and destruction. EXCELLENT! When William Munk said that he sounds like a "sick demented freak", I honestly can understand how he feels. Once a gore gamer, always a gore gamer and Killing Floor 2...
  5. Dafe

    DMV Perk

    Will there be a perk that allows the player to drive and transport other players? It sounds goofy but in a game like kf2, a lot more is possible in the environment and a perk that allows you to operate a vehicle or other designated stage set equipment like a crane or a Fire truck hose would be...
  6. Dafe

    I'm BAAACK!!! And so is KF!!!

    It's been a while my gruesome bludgeoned friends and I'm happy to say, I'm more than satisfied with what has been going on with TWI! First off, thank you TWI for listening to the community (I can see some familiar ideas implemented from the forum threads over the years in KF2) and from what...
  7. Dafe


    I'm glad Tripwire is at least releasing something completely new, but not exactly what most of us wanted. I see it is going to be for consoles, so is this the ploy to get enough dosh for a true upgrade for KF2? MODSonair PAX Prime 2013 - Killing Floor Calamity Interview - YouTube
  8. Dafe

    Off Topic!

    I couldn't find the "Off Topic" section so I'm just placing this here until it's moved or just left in this section....... ANYWAYS! It took me about 3 weeks to Produce, Film, Act, Write, Fix, and Direct a video sketch I'm doing for the Key & Peele "Remix" contest. Here are the original videos...
  9. Dafe

    Return of The Shadow Warrior!

    Shadow Warrior "You've Got Wang" Trailer - YouTube
  10. Dafe

    KF2 Violence & Gore

    This has to still be a hot topic for a lot of gamers, because lets just face it, some games are just more entertaining and engaging with super real, super bloody graphics. Every since I ripped my first head off using Sub-Zero, there always been this guilty pleasure of doing the unthinkable and...
  11. Dafe

    KF Community Music Pack
  12. Dafe

    KF Community Music Pack

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!!!! Do you have a Custom Song you wish you could hear during your KF experience without all the trouble of loading multiple files, or minimizing your game? The Dawn of the Community Music Pack for Killing Floor is Upon us. I have recently experimented...
  13. Dafe

    DEMO's Turn For Upgrade

    DEMO needs attention! 1. Add fragmental pieces to grenades that bounce everywhere after it explodes like when you use Vlad The Impaler (bouncing nails), except 2X the fragments. 2. When DEMO becomes deceased, a 3 second timer will trigger and after 3 seconds the dead DEMO's body explodes...
  14. Dafe

    Which Would You Prefer?

    Do you think Tripwire Interactive needs to focus most of their working time on Killing Floor updates and DLC, or do you think they should be working on an improved sequel?
  15. Dafe

    Firebug Is Wicked Fun

    No ideas to share, just happy the weapons pack is now working, and a lot of things have been tweeked. Firebug is wicked fun now. I found a decent strategy for Hillbilly level, and my lasagna's almost done. Nice Work!
  16. Dafe

    Community Weapons Trouble

    I just bought the "Bundle" which includes the Community Weapons Pack, and for some reason, it has not been installed. How do I get Weapon Pack to install, or is it supposed to automatically install?
  17. Dafe

    Firebug Fix

    I looked around, and searched, but couldn't find any threads specifically detailed to what my idea is. I'm sure it has been suggested, but where, I have not found...... Anyways If I were to fix the Firebug Perk, I would make it so that ANY bullets, from any gun, were to set enemies on fire...
  18. Dafe

    Spiked Armor

    Spiked Armor When attacked by an enemy, the "spiked armor" deals damage back to the attacking ZED, except from Bloat Bile, Husk fireballs, Siren screams and the Patriarch's Mini Gun and Rocket Launcher attacks. It wears down like regular armor, and it does not help your health go down slower...
  19. Dafe

    The Answer For Commando

    Everyone wants a high powered machine gun for the commando perk. So, the other day I was flipping through channels on the wiser, and one of my top 5 favorite movies was playing, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and the scene that was just starting to play, showed me what the commando...
  20. Dafe

    KF2 or Killing Floor Sequel Story Idea

    Once again, more input to one of the most anticipated games, next to Mutant League Football 2013, and Killer Instinct 3...... Everyone wants a story mode, or a more involved storyline, and here is what I'd like to see..... It's 2131, and as imagined, the world is flipped on it's back...