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  1. SQBsam

    [Question] Unable to join full server as spectator

    This is a change for the worse, since the Rising Storm patch I am no longer able to join a full server as spectator! :( Any ways to spectate the old way, and hence get in to the server?
  2. SQBsam

    [Question] One voice actor per team + Missing death moans

    This issue has now been around for about a year. Has anyone figured out how to get voices and death moans back? SingleVoiceVariation helps a little with the frequency of voices, but it by no means fixes it. I still hear only one voice actor :(
  3. SQBsam

    Steam workshop in your menu

    Guys... just listen.. guys... press steam workshop in your main menu whilst in game. Oh my god... It's... beautiful. EDIT: Also.. nonfunctional. There's no way to select which map to play, so it just takes you back to the main menu. I'm guessing mappers will have to make their maps...
  4. SQBsam

    Death screams still missing?

    Heya, just noting that even with this latest patch death moans and screams only play when you are the one being killed, and very rarely play for alive players. This has been happening since the games launch, but was working in the beta. Does TWI know about this issue and, more importantly, are...
  5. SQBsam

    Streaming bans?

    With the influx of new players we have, unfortunately, received an influx of (mostly preteen, hence why we're apprehensive about you guys hopping on the servers, demonstrate your maturity and we'll be happy to play with you) griefing players. They TK in spawn (on purpose), spam the mic with...
  6. SQBsam

    Zoom system

    Firstly, this is concerning the Classic beta, if this should be in the feedback section, I apologise (although to me it seems more like an idea). The zoom system at the moment is a little clunky and immersion-breaking. Even in classic the zoom in and loss of sensitivity can be annoying. The...
  7. SQBsam

    A note for server admins

    Hi there, Firstly, thanks for setting up servers for us to all play on. We do really appreciate it and the dedication put in by admins to keep the servers orderly is likewise appreciated. Just a note, the warping and high pings are not caused by "high player counts", although they are...
  8. SQBsam

    A couple of notes/Ideas

    Firstly, If this is in the wrong section I apologize. It sorta fits in both general and Ideas... anywho: 1) The lighting on Fallen fighters is incorrect, with the sun in the northern hemisphere. While this isn't that big a problem (and could be solved by switching the names of the parks) it is...
  9. SQBsam

    Cover system

    I am actually really sad that the cover system has been implemented, is it just me??? I think that having a button to press to get into cover just makes the game no fun, the game designer will place cover in the spots where they want a firefight to happen so we will not end up with open areas...