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  1. coolmu9

    Battle Overview Video

    Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Beta - Battle Footage [HD] - YouTube:D enjoy
  2. coolmu9

    What Version Did You Pre Oder?

    Let's see!
  3. coolmu9

    Picture of Rising Storm

    Just thought these should be here :D
  4. coolmu9

    New OR old gameplay video

    YouTube - ‪Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad - Soviet campaign (cam)‬‏:Dfirst time i've seen it so its new to me :p Looking pretty good!
  5. coolmu9

    How many other people have the(+i)r(-e) money ready for RO HOS

    :Dall 60$ dollars ready cant wait for the game!
  6. coolmu9

    Suggestion for Jungle fights [warning might be a bad suggestion] read if you dare

    If there is jungle fights which im pretty sure there is. it would be nice to have to ability cut through some jungle obstacles like small trees bushes would be vary useful in some places but also this might be a bad suggestion
  7. coolmu9

    friendly reload animation two suggestions

    In the first RO you could resupply a friendly with a panzerschreck. But it had no animation it would just pop up inside of the panzerschreck. my suggestion is that wen a friendly reloads your panzerschreck it plays an reload animation for realistic reasons. heres some pics showing 2 Germans...
  8. coolmu9

    ride able tanks [Merged]

    will we be able to ride on tanks as shown be low gives troops more transportation around tank maps or CQB maps
  9. coolmu9

    [Game] What Would You Do if Some one broke your computer

    i would beat them up and make them give me money for a new computer :rolleyes:
  10. coolmu9

    [Game] best of called of duty series

    whats do you think the best call of duty is?
  11. coolmu9

    In soviet russia!

  12. coolmu9

    stalingrad kessel remake

    is TWI planing a remake of the map Stalingrad Kessel i really like that map in RO.
  13. coolmu9

    animation for reloading panzerschreck

    were there be a animation for reloading panzerschreck unlike in RO ost front. wen u reload someones panzerschreck or what ever.the shell magically appears in the panzerschreck. and will there be an animation for reloading anti tank weapons like the flank 88?.
  14. coolmu9

    battle of prussia and Battle of Vistula expansion pack

    battle of PRUSSIA June 22, 1944 to August 16, 1944 ? Soviet Union launches the greatest offensive in human history. Its aim is to destroy 100 German Divisions guarding Prussia and Poland. Hitler does not give the order for the Massive German Army Center to withdraw and the Army is totally...
  15. coolmu9

    the 1.000 post thread

    every post posted in this thread is worth one cent every post is worth one cent and that one cent will be donated to yoshiro For HOS BETA lol:D
  16. coolmu9

    whats your fav family guy char?

    stewie is my whats yours?:D
  17. coolmu9

    tree snipers?

    will the snipers have the option to climb a tree and snipe from there?
  18. coolmu9

    [Game] which is better to do?

    Is It better to buy A game at the store or is it better to get it on steam?
  19. coolmu9

    three screen on RO2

    I use three screens on my pc will I be able to play RO 2 on widescreen?
  20. coolmu9

    extreme gore setting

    extreme GORE setting mad gore is over the top gore. your head will blow off your brains with leak out of your head. your eye balls will be knocked out youer head. your guts falling out. your body ripped open from a bomb. and another idea being able to seek up on your enemies and grab there...