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  1. Mormegil

    Possible to import RO2 levels into a VR walk-around map?

    Seeing that video where they edit in VR made me wonder if you could make a simple Unreal Engine 3 "game" to go sight seeing in an RO2 level? Using either Oculus Rift of HTC Vive? There's an Oculus VR plug-ins for Unreal Engine 3.
  2. Mormegil

    Automatically go to Crouch when you can't prone

    While not ideal, we all know the instances when you try to prone, but can't due to geometry bugs, or just not being able to fit. I'd like to see as a (default) option, your avatar going to crouch if you cannot prone here. At least it'll make you a smaller target.
  3. Mormegil

    Let Tank Commanders kick out crewmen

    I like team tanking, but it's a gamble you'll have a decent crewman. It would be nice if the Tank Commander, say after one death, can kick out a crewman who doesn't listen/drives in circles, etc. It would be like role voting, but with only one vote needed. Maybe a mutator?
  4. Mormegil

    Let Tank Commanders lock crewmen to Hull MG

    I like team tanking, but it's always a gamble. You may get someone who doesn't speak your language, doesn't listen, or has no sense. You don't want them driving. It would be nice if you could open up JUST the Hull-MG position, at least until you can determine if they'll be a good crewman.
  5. Mormegil

    Bug of "feature" on overtime

    Playing Commissar's House last night in Campaign Mode. Soviets had all but the last objective, when the Axis started capping the 2nd to the last objective (G?). While Axis (not Allies) were capping, time ran out - which I would think would mean an Axis win. Instead we went into overtime...
  6. Mormegil

    Campaign mode confusion

    There seems to be a lot of players confused about how the RO2 Multi-player Campaign mode works. It seems every-time my side looses a campaign, after winning a match people star typing (or saying) "WTF?!?" First off, if you win a map, but loose the campaign, you will get the loose music, and...
  7. Mormegil

    Knee mortars landing short

    There was a post by Gary Oak, pointing out that knee mortars tend to land short compared to what is dialed in (indirect fire mode). I've noticed this phenomenon too, but it's difficult to know if it's really happening. I get kills closer than I fired, but I thought it could be splash damage...
  8. Mormegil

    Americans and Germans on same map?

    Now the SDK is released, can some mapper let me (and anybody else curious) know if it's possible to make a map with Americans and Germans or Soviets and Japanese? Or is there a flag for RS/RO2, so never the twain shall meet?
  9. Mormegil

    Prefer to play on RS, RO2, or RS/RO2 mixed servers?

    I'm just curious to see how the forum community plans to play, or hopes to play with the ability to mix maps. Results of these polls may give some useful input to server admins.
  10. Mormegil

    Can anyone play as Tank Crewman now?

    One of the big patches several months ago broke the tank crewman role. I've tried allowing tank crewman a few times, but haven't had any takers, so I don't know if it's been fixed yet. Just to clarify, the tank crewman spawn bug made it so if there's a tank crewman, either the crewman or the...
  11. Mormegil

    Mechwarrior Online Free 2 Play game

    Totally forgot I signed up for the beta. It's been in open beta for months now, and I just started a few days ago. It's the perfect **** retentive giant robot game, at least when you do custom mech builds. Not as "CoDish" looking as Hawken. Right now, the lack of integrated voice coms is...
  12. Mormegil

    *NEW* Tank Spawning Bug - Crewman won't spawn. TC despawns

    I just realized, Harley's original bug report may be confused with the previous Tank Commander spawn bug . So, just in case, here it is again. This is a bug that has popped up since the latest patch / content update (Barashka update). Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: Tank...
  13. Mormegil

    Smoke shells for Tank Squad Leaders on Barashka

    It's pretty tough crossing the river in Barashka. The smokes the TLs and SL have don't go very far. I'd suggest giving the tank squad leaders smoke shells like in Gumrak. That would let them lay down a decent smoke screen during a critical push. Otherwise, D or A never gets capped.
  14. Mormegil

    Any thoughts on rewarding suppression?

    Though suppression works in RO2 (not as strongly as, say DH, but it's a good compromise), most people seem to under use it. Any thoughts on ways to reward people for using suppression? Perhaps kill assists, or even team work points. The game itself knows when you're successfully suppressing...
  15. Mormegil

    Local Voice-chat mutator?

    TWI doesn't feel 3D VoIP is necessary. A lot of people in the community disagree. I'm requesting that a coder make a local Voice-Chat mutator. It doesn't have to be full fledged 3D VoIP system, with X,Y,Z direction. Just something as simple as you can hear a team-mate (or even enemy) if...
  16. Mormegil

    T-34 commander respawns in same spot upon death

    Catagory: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: T-34 commander respawns in same spot upon death Description: Unlike the Panzer IV, and the T-34 prior to a few patches ago, when your avatar gets killed in the commander/gunner slot in the T-34, you do NOT respawn into one of the other crewmember...
  17. Mormegil

    Tank Locking doesn't for for Platoon Tank Commander

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Sometimes to unknown (I don't have control over who chooses tank crewman) Summary: Tank Locking doesn't for for Platoon Tank Commander Description: When I choose Platoon Tank Commander on Gumrak, and select to lock the tank, I'll still get tank crewmen in my...
  18. Mormegil

    TWI White List and release / package custom maps

    There are a number of custom maps, but servers don't want to run them, due to the need to download them first. When the maps start getting out of beta (do custom maps ever get out of beta?), it would be great if TWI could sanction them by "white listing" them and distributing them in an update...
  19. Mormegil

    Ability to lock elevation on HMGs

    From what I understand, tripod mounted MGs could have the elevation locked, so you could sweep side to side from behind cover. Maybe when you hit C, it automatically locks the elevation, or the 6 button could lock it. This would go a long way to making these in game a lot more useful, as you...
  20. Mormegil

    Server redirect causes client crash first attempt to load

    At least according to a number of server runners. The bug involves the client crashing when first trying to load a custom map via server redirect. After restarting and reconnecting, it works. I can't verify this, as I've downloaded the client map packs myself. I figure this should be...