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  1. Cyper

    RS2 Vietnam

    Hello, Long time no seen. I wonder what kind of changes there will be in RS: Vietnam compared to RO2? I have not played RO2 since 2011. This is because I found the game to be to far away from RO OST in terms of gameplay, and therefore, I did not find it fun to play. Will RS:Vietnam be closer...
  2. Cyper

    New open-world game on the horizon

    A new game on the horizon. Some of you may already have heard of it. The developers behind the game is people that have been working with the ARMA franchise, aswell as the Czech designer Daniel V
  3. Cyper

    The next Hitman game

    I just noticed that back in January, a new Hitman game was announced. I haven't played Absolution because it was streamlined and made more accessible, and therefore, I didn't want to support it. Fortunately, the game did not sell the expected amount of copies. Now it seems like the game is...
  4. Cyper

    How's things?

    I ragequit and uninstalled RO2 back in 2012 and back in early 2013 I was banned for one year (I openly insulted the developers of RO2 among other things), I have not been in touch with the community for quite a time. Is there still many ROOSTVETS here? Have anyone left? What happens in the...
  5. Cyper

    Operation Dead Fox Campaign

    Hi there, I know that some people here play ARMA III. I am currently working on a campaign for ARMA III and have been doing so for a few months. The campaign will feature 15 missions, and will offer what most campaigns offer, including cutscenes. The story takes places after the events in ARMA...
  6. Cyper


    An article from PCgamer about CoD and so on. The article contains a videoclip from superior RO1. :cool: The article in general is worth a read. When the adrenaline flows, the tension mounts, and you get half crazy trying to get even, then you know the game is playing well...
  7. Cyper

    Free weekend..

    Well, a free weekend for this game would be great. I think many RO2 free weekend players don't even know about it. It would make more people interested in it. Player numbers will increase - and hopefully - some players will stay. What could possibly be bad with this? This game is on it's...
  8. Cyper

    The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.

    This message appears now and then for me. If I write anything, I better copy all of it before sending it, or even write it in a word document and save it. Because ''The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.'' may appear. It also randomly appear when browsing the board. When...
  9. Cyper

    A theory on the ranking system

    A lot of people have recently discussed the ranking system in RO2. Should it be removed? Should it be an optional server setting? Many people already know that I am not very fond of the ranking system because I don't think it fit into RO2. Before anyone starts yelling ''You're a Classic...
  10. Cyper

    I found some amazing music

    I was searching at Youtube for instrumental music for you ARMA II campaign and came across a user called Miika Mettiainen. The music he have created is just amazing and I think you guys should check it out. This guy deserves far more subscribers. This made me think about RO2. <a...
  11. Cyper

    CAP zone time

    Something that I have always been thinking about but never asked is how long it takes to fully take over a CAP zone. In RO1, I remember that it was often harder for attackers to take over a CAP. In RO2 a few teammates can often take over a CAP zone quite quickly if there is no enemy resistance...
  12. Cyper

    TWI Classic Servers

    So, I can't find any TWI Official Classic servers?
  13. Cyper

    New suppression system

    In my opinion the suppression system in RO2 has always been an immersion breaker. It does not feel natural that your screen gets darker, and when you start to see everything in greyscale, when you get suppressed. My suggestion is: Remove grayscale when suppressed The screen gets...
  14. Cyper

    When did you gain interest in RO?

    So, I thought that it would be interesting to see how long each community member have been playing RO. Personally, I have been playing since the release of OSTFRONT with small gap between.
  15. Cyper

    For Postal fans and players

    In August 15, 2012, RWS decided to halt selling Postal III from their store. Postal III is a spin-off to the critically acclaimed Postal and Postal 2. According to RWS, they are not pleased with the result, and blames this on
  16. Cyper

    Community wishlist

    I thought that it may be a good idea to make a community wishlist in order to collect any ideas and suggestions regarding Rising Storm. My thought is to simply quote/write in all these ideas in the first post which then can inspire the Rising Storm Team. If you have any idea, please post it...
  17. Cyper

    Your RO2 review

    EDIT: Ops. Maximum 15 votes. Forget this thread and lock it. If I remember correctly there's been other threads about this in the past. However, I'd like to revive it, since a lot have happened since release. Simply put: Vote for the score that you want to give RO2. The scale is as follows...
  18. Cyper

    Mkb.42 vs. Stalingrad

    Maybe someone have already seen this video.. maybe not. It was however uploaded for quite a long time ago. I did give me a very good laugh. I couldn't resist to post this video about the famous MkB. It's almost as awesome as the comment by [1stSS]WehrmactLeaderShultz. ;) Mkb.42 vs. Stalingrad...
  19. Cyper

    Where's the players?

    My firewall or something else is either blocking a lot of servers or - there is simply not more players. Where is everyone? There is basically one full, dedicated server, and that's about it. In meantime, there is still at least a quite good amount playing OST and DH. This is quite worrying. Its...
  20. Cyper

    Default timelimit on Classic servers?

    Does anyone know what the default time limit for classic servers is? I've been playing the mode for about 4 hours and I have found that its really, really hard for the germans to take CAP's on some maps. Yesterday, I had a great match, with very solid teamwork. People communicating by text and...