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  1. 13tisa13

    Killing Floor 2 - Epic Online Services Beta

    Epic is making online services so that players around the world don't have to depend on one platform to play video games! This will enable each player to merge all accounts like Steam, Blizzard, Origin, Epic etc. and let players buy their games where ever they want and still be able to play with...
  2. 13tisa13

    Recommended Improvements to Objective Systems

    The Custom objective node with "Endless Exterminate Objective" is much needed for a variation of custom objectives! I can see another gameplay being born just from this one node!
  3. 13tisa13

    True Historic Map

    Hey, check out the new map I made: Link to Steam Workshop: Story: 1969 - In the deep forests of Xứ sở thần tiên US troops left their base for a standard morning mission of burning villages and collecting...
  4. 13tisa13

    Black April ( The Fall of Saigon )

    HISTORY: The Fall of Saigon was the capture of Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, by the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) and the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam (also known as the Viet Cong) on 30 April 1975. On April 9, PAVN forces reached Xuân Lộc the last line of defense...
  5. 13tisa13

    Workshop upload tool

    - There is no tags option so people can't find my maps under maps. - I can't find existing profiles of my workshop items so instead of updating maps it creates another one with the exact same name. I tried it with the upload tool and through cmd, the only benefit of a cmd upload is you can set...
  6. 13tisa13

    Groovy Giveaway!

    Hey guys, Ti
  7. 13tisa13

    How can I TAG my own map in Workshop?

    I want to Tag my map as a MAP I don't see any options in the upload tool or the workshop itself. So I can't tag my own map, meaning when players look for maps on the workshop my map doesn't pop out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. 13tisa13

    Workshop TAGS

    How would one Tag a map in workshop? Don't see any options in uploading tool or in steam once it's uploaded.
  9. 13tisa13

    Creating a micophone effect

    So I want to make an effect where players come to a microphone and can spam chat into it and the sound comes from the monitors louder and delayed. If anyone ever played L4D2 you know that microphone from the carnival map. If anyone has any suggestions how one would achieve this,by all means...shoot!
  10. 13tisa13

    What exactly is Trader Arrow?

    I know it's local, and I know it's a particle effect manipulated by something to lead you to the trader trigger. But what actor is it exactly? What's the name of that something?
  11. 13tisa13

    Broken shaders/textures temp. Fix!

    Experimented a little with the issue everyone is having on the count of my angry fans demanding the textures back XD And short story is the in game shader builder is newer version and doesn't build shaders for old (before update)maps/custom textures/materials! TEMPORARY FIX: (For maps whose...
  12. 13tisa13

    List of Blacklisted actors

    So can anyone tell me the exact list of blacklisted actors? I know "ActorFactory" is one...
  13. 13tisa13


    This is a rat size interactive map with lots of custom content. You will be riding a skateboard, play the piano, play the drums, get hit in the *** by a huge chicken, dance in the disco, listen to some music, play in normal and low gravity, ride in the broken pipes, fly on a paper plane, daring...
  14. 13tisa13


    Since this is my first map upload for this community allow me to introduce myself. I am Ti
  15. 13tisa13

    Loading Screen Poster

    This is gonna sound really stupid but how do you set up a loading screen poster for a custom map in KF2? You know the one that previews your map when you're loading it. Looked everywhere...can't find the info...
  16. 13tisa13

    Mover and Projector Actor

    Hi,I can't seem to find mover and projector actor in kf2 sdk I've used them in kf1 have you changed them and how can I move an object to different location now and project a texture onto a wall? Is it under a different name? Sitting here and guessing...idk Thx
  17. 13tisa13

    How to enable gravity on wave4?

    Hi,I want to make low gravity start from wave 4 so can anyone please explain how I can achive that?
  18. 13tisa13

    KF How to set up an animated mover?

    Hi...I imported my mesh and animation into animation section... I want to make it a mover and I want that animation to be active looping in do I do that? Basicly...I came across several problems in KF sdk I really don't know: 1.How to drop animated mesh into the game from the...
  19. 13tisa13

    Help with exporting models and animations

    Hi! I'm trying to export a model from 3ds max into KF sdk and this is the problem... Here's how it looks in 3ds max: And here's how it looks in Kf sdk: All the textures are stretched and distorted... I export the model as Ase file and the textures as tga. As said on all tutorials I could...
  20. 13tisa13

    KF Need help importing a model 3ds max/KFsdk

    Hi,I'm fairly new on this forum so before I say anything...HELLO! My name is Ti