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    [Issue] KF2 Taking up up to 5GB of RAM. Keeps crashing.

    I have everything set to ultra but without Flex on. So much memory gets eaten up and this issue is just with KF2. Here is a picture of the problem.
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    Future game types.

    I've been lurking for quite a while on this forum and have seen very few discussions on future game types. The ones I have seen were mostly talking about a "horde mode/endless mode" essentially, which is cool of course but not necessarily creative. A horde mode would be nice, however I think...
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    Is anyone having V-sync and screen tearing issues?

    I'm getting 62-63fps with V-sync on and 110+fps with it off. No matter what I get some sort of tearing and/or screen stuttering. Specs: i5-4670k gtx 970 8 GB RAM