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  1. M

    A few days ago...

    I can laugh stuff like this off, and was while it happened to me.:) I have yet to be killed in spawn for my weapon (Usually because new players cant tell if you got a bolty or a scoper) The only trouble I have been having is when people spawn and automatically start shooting at the pixels...
  2. M

    SdKfz. 222

    I would like to see these in game, basically like the russian armored car, but german. Mostly seen in North Africa, some made it to the russian front. Here's a Wiki page,
  3. M

    Very lop-sided battle

    On a version of Arad, i think it was that SH one with the farm. I was popping enemy tanks at 1000 yards in a T34/76 on the front and side armor. I must have got 4-5 tanks in a run at best. I got my hands on an IS2 and bounced nearly everything but by this time the axis started to hide so i...
  4. M

    Question about local chat

    About how far does it travel? like 20 feet?:confused:
  5. M

    A vehicle voice channel?

    Sometimes I have the problem of having my driver or gunner ignore me and all other tanks do something that I asked. I think that a seperate voice channel for vehicles may help some of us frustrated tankers.:D