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  1. naksiloth

    Fleshpound plushies when?

    I'm awaiting answer from TWI. Everybody deserves a hug from those steel grinders.
  2. naksiloth

    HoE game sh*tter power ranks.

    Let's share those memories where you tag someone as a bad teammate and you came out to be right. It'll be like "All my teammates in Killing Floor" thread, but that's long dead I suppose. So a new one wouldn't hurt. For me everytime I close my eyes, I can remember a bad teammate. That's because...
  3. naksiloth

    Balance the zerk weaponry thread

    I think I'm pushing hard but why the eff-not? I really think zerk weaponry shouldn't be that overpowered and stable. My offering is adding a small shift in balance while swinging such heavy melee weapons (Katana, Scythe, Fire axe, Claymore, Dwarfs?! Axe) constantly. That should only apply in...
  4. naksiloth

    Balance the M99 thread

    In this thread can we discuss and put out ideas about how to balance this cannon? My offer it being tied with L.A.W to balance it. You shouldn't be able to fire a cannon that recoils that much without ironsights/scope, and possibly remove reloading bonus from it. In a HoE 6p game, nailing a...
  5. naksiloth

    Xmas gift idea: Nutpounder Plushie

    TWI should really consider that it should be a #1 for many KF fans. Any girl would want something like that to hug tightly at night! It should be complete with enrage yell and tinted lights.
  6. naksiloth

    [Suggestion] Small buff to Commando perk

    I don't have any idea if that would be overpowered but I guess not. How about turning Commando's Assault/Battle Rifle magazine capacity to be extended? I mean any weapon that uses magazine should benefit from the magazine capacity bonus. Regarding to that change the affected weapons will be...
  7. naksiloth

    Reduce the M99 single shot cost

    Currently single shot costs 250
  8. naksiloth

    Commando needs some tweaking

    Open a thread like that and get so many "commando is fine" replies. I for one I think otherwise, commando is underrated on most situations and useless on many of them, deserving what people think for him. A good commando can; * Lead the group out of hole up place when teammates start to die and...
  9. naksiloth

    A Crossbow buff

    I'll keep this short. Crossbow needs a bit of damage bonus depends on range to be effective on harder difficulties, with that damage multiplier, it feels like a gimped version of the old crossbow. Sure I can take down a Fleshpound with an M14 without enraging it but I favor using crossbow more...