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  1. CoMurey2

    Vietnamese Commander's Tunnel Ability

    Hello. Now after I suggested balancing ability for the US Commander (Link below). I want to Suggest another hopefully good Ability to balancing the Vietnamese Commander against the US Commander because I think that the last mentioned is little bit overpowered compared to the first...
  2. CoMurey2

    Commander's Cobra Support Mission Ability

    Hello. I want to suggest giving the US commander the ability to mark Air Strike missions for the Cobra! it can be done with a cooldown and what have you for balancing similarly as the Arty. It will be so nice being (As a Commander) able to give the Cobra Fire Support Mission Marks to support...
  3. CoMurey2

    Commander Shouldn't Be Kicked!

    Hi. Team Leaders should not be treated like trolls if the Artillery kill some one or any other fire support mission! I have seen so many Commanders get kicked because the game count him/her as he/she have intentionally team killed some one after exceeding the TK count! My self and many other...
  4. CoMurey2

    Commander Orders Status Menu.

    Hello. As for now the Commander has no clear way to understand if the squads has accepted his/her orders or not! I want to suggest Squad Leaders Order Status. A Green Check Mark should appear next to the Squad Icon if the squad has accepted the orders and a Red X should appear next to the...
  5. CoMurey2

    Commander Ability To Manage His/Her Squad Leaders

    Hello. Sadly the chain of command is not respected in this game in it's current form. The Commander is treated like any other class, where the Commander is not able to choose his/her squad leaders. So, the Commander in the game can waste all his/her voice but the Squad Leaders are either don't...
  6. CoMurey2

    Commander Tactical Map Suggestion (Vote for it)

    Hello all. This is my first post I hope you like it. I want to Suggest better Squads icon for the Commander map, which I hope it will boost up the battle management for the Commander role, giving the Commander better understanding of the situation of the battle field. The idea is really...