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  1. Arbeiter1980

    Claymore mines need to be completely reworked

    I decided to write down some suggestions on how to further improve Claymore mines in the next update. A player who tries to use Claymores frequently has to subject himself to several levels of frustration: 1. One must be in the 20-meter radius from the Claymore mine in order to detonate it...
  2. Arbeiter1980

    RS Sniper as SL3 on Hanto (Allies)

    This bug was reported long ago, but strangely wasn't fixed during the last update. In the "Squad" screen (Allies), instead of SL3, the slot belongs to a sniper. The entire Squad 3 can't spawn on their squad leader. Could the developers fix this bug in the next update?
  3. Arbeiter1980

    RO2 XP Bug on Bridges of Druzhina

    There is an annoying bug on this map: after a match is over, XP points don't count at all when the next map is loaded. A player can, for example, level up his weapon from level 15 to level 17, but after the match this weapon is still level 15. Other players also experienced it...
  4. Arbeiter1980

    RS Secret Japanese technologies revealed on Guadalcanal

    In the last match on Guadalcanal after i respawn i noticed that the scope of my sniper rifle had changed in a very strange way: firstly, instead of the scope of Type 99 sniper rifle there was the scope of Type 97 one. Secondly... well, you'd better see it yourself.
  5. Arbeiter1980

    RS Strange yellow highlighting in the bunkers

    In the recent match on Iwo Jima i saw a strange yellow highlighting on things that were not highlighted before. Some (as boxes in the bunker on F) i have not even seen before, they obviously have been added recently. What is it, can anyone please explain me? P.S. I saw while i was playing as...
  6. Arbeiter1980

    RS Iwo Jima is full of terrain glitches

    I already brought up this subject in this thread , now i encountered this kind of bugs (when you can't kill a player in the certain location with a sniper rifle) again. I actually saw at least two terrain glitches (one on the video...
  7. Arbeiter1980

    [Error] How i learned to fly on Guadalcanal

    During the recent match on Guadalcanal i noticed that when you shoot an enemy in the bunker on the left of the last objective (F, Henderson Field), he gets off the ground and flies through the ceiling right into the sky. Once i was thrown into the air when a Japanese shot me with a Nambu Type 14...
  8. Arbeiter1980

    RS Type 99 rifle (a bug in statistics)

    There are reports about wrong statistics in RO2. Recently i've noticed that RS, unfortunately, shares the same tendency: there is a bug in the data regarding to the accuracy rate of a japanese Type 99 rifle. My accuracy rate was 20-25%, and then today i saw that the index jumped to 50.17%...
  9. Arbeiter1980

    RS I can't put artillery marks after respawn (bug)

    There is a very annoying bug which happens when i play as SL. Sometimes when i respawn i notice that my arty marks disappeared. The squad list on the right side of the screen also disappears in this case (instead of the list of players in my squad there are only two lines:"No TL, No SL"...
  10. Arbeiter1980

    RS Are there any "MELEE ONLY" servers/events?

    Today, when i was playing as a japanese SL on Peleliu, it hit me:"Why am i using a machine gun, it is so boring. Would it be cooler to kill american soldiers with my beautiful katana instead?" And i took it out and ran into the middle of the battle. At first, it brought a lot of frustration...
  11. Arbeiter1980

    [Question] "New sights" on a japanese type 99 machine gun

    I was playing with a japanese Type 99 machine gun, and during the game after respawn i noticed that the sights of my machine gun had changed. Then, after i was killed, old sights appeared again. Was it a bug?
  12. Arbeiter1980

    RS New maps for RS: Maggot Hill, Betio and others

    1. There are at least two unreleased maps for RS - Maggot Hill and Betio. I heard that on Betio one can play as a Japanese Marine, and i'm looking forward to it. There was an announcement a week or two ago that Betio map is in development. Does anybody know if there is any opportunity to play in...
  13. Arbeiter1980

    Is it normal that kills from a stationary MG don't count?

    I was playing as a Japanese rifleman several minutes ago on Iwo Jima. I got to a stationary MG on B and started looking for Yankees. A lot of them appeared from the coast, and I shot nearly five of them (one of them from point-blank range, so he couldn't be killed by another teammate). However...
  14. Arbeiter1980

    A map bug on Iwo Jima

    I posted the same screenshot yesterday in "Amazing Screenshots" ' thread, but today it has happened again, and it makes me think that this is a bug. On the screenshot one can see that Americans somehow manage to control the cap E when they don't even take D. After checking the cap E i found out...
  15. Arbeiter1980

    This f****ing jap sniper rifle! Devs, fix it, please!

    Several minutes ago i was playing as a Japanese sniper on Iwo Jima. I was behind one of the stones between C and E and was aiming at American soldiers who were running out from behind the ridge. At last i managed to find an American who was crawling in front of B (on a slope where Americans...
  16. Arbeiter1980

    I hate lockdowns!

    I hate them. There are only 5 minutes to play a round, and 10 for a whole match. Are there any RO2/RS servers which have them turned off, and allow players to enjoy a normal 20 minute match?