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    [Game] Important Battles in Normandy and during Barbarossa

    Hey guys, I'm actually in the process of programming a game. Its a strategy game set in WW2, so i figured i'd ask some of the ww2 enthusiasts some questions. What would you say were the 5 most important battles during the Normandy Campaign and Operation Barbarossa? I've been doing my research...
  2. L

    Random Thought

    I'm a little hesitant to post this, since the mere mention of CoD is enough to send people into a frenzy but oh well. I dont know if any of you have played CoD5: World At War, but it was a neat little arcade shooter that was pretty gritty for a mainstream game. Anyway, there was this one...
  3. L

    How many hours do have in this game?

    I'm just curuious as to how many hours people have put in. ---Template--- Amount: Currently playing? --------------- ME Amount: 11hrs Currently playing? No
  4. L

    Mod's you'd like to see

    I figure we might as well have a thread that has a bunch of wishlisted mods. That way it might inspire some modders to start the project. I mod, though i'm more into the scripting/programming than the other stuff (retexturing, custom sounds, mapping, etc), so if people are intrested i might...
  5. L

    Random idea about the heroes

    Have anyone of you played Star Wars Battlefront 2? You remember the heroes? Of course you do, but just as a refresher let me explain it. Essentially in BF2, as you scored more points you became eligible to play the more advanced classes. So you'd start off with being able to play as only the...
  6. L

    Question about maps

    Okay so I'm confused beyond belief here. These maps are apparently attack/attack so then how does it randomly choose a winner at the end of the round when no one has captured all the objectives? Also attack/attack on its own makes no sense to me. For example the soviets control the grain...
  7. L

    Anyone have this problem

    Ok so there is only one 64 player "realism" server near me and it plays nothing but that atrocious Fallenfighters map. Everything else is 32 player or has pings that are too high Has anyone had luck finding more? I'm Los Angeles so im not in the middle of nowhere either. Can anyone give me...
  8. L

    Is the single player moddable?

    This might be kind of weird or whatnot, but i personally enjoy coop/singleplayer games more than multiplayer pvp kind of games; not that i dont like pvp. I've spent over hundreds of hours making custom coop missions in ARMA2 and ARMA2:OA. Complete with custom scripts, sounds, maps, etc...
  9. L

    Historical Question

    Somewhat related to HoS lol After about 30min of googling i couldnt find an answer so maybe some history buffs here on the forums can help. I couldnt find the off topic board so oh well. -Did the americans ever make it to berlin? Or did the germans surrender to the russians before we got...
  10. L

    Idea that might fix the gameplay

    One of the major complaints i have about this game is that it feels too much like a twitch shooter. Most if not all tactical elements from the first such as positioning yourself in proper cover, resting your weapon, etc have been removed, thus making the game somewhat shallow. I find myself...
  11. L

    [Error] Cannot find any servers

    Basically the only servers i see are empty. It worked before the patch, but it is no longer showing any servers with players. i checked my filters and everything... please help :(
  12. L

    LMG issues

    Is anyone else having in issue where as soon as they prone the MG automatically deploys? I'm not sure if this is a feature or a glitch but it is very annoying. If not, then it could be me, because i'm using the Hold ADS configuration edit. Unfortunately i cannot (and dont want) to play with...
  13. L

    Sniper Decoy!

    I have an interesting idea (at least i think so)... what if the sniper gets an unlock that replaces his sidearm with a decoy! Bassically its a selectable wooden stick in your inventory, and when you use it, it props it down and puts your helmet on the end of it; it would be at around where...
  14. L

    Few random ideas

    1. Make the attacker start off with slightly more reinforcements. I'd hardly call it fair when the attacker has to throw itself at the defenders but they have the same number of men. nothing too drastic, but still there like: Attacker = 300 Defender = 250 2. Decrease the effective range of the...
  15. L

    Bug report

    I dont know where to report a bug so feel free to move this thead. When using the hold ADS (as opposed to toggle ads) script, ads stays stuck when moving in prone. for example: I'm prone. I hold the button to bring up ads, but then i start crawling forward. When i stop crawling and let go of...
  16. L

    An idea for the characters

    This is just a little idea i had, and to be honest i dont expect it to make it into the game, but whatever. Wouldnt it be cool if every class had 2-3 character models per side? When you choose for example the Rifleman class, the server/client randomly picks one of these models for you. That...