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  1. V

    Tip for new players!

    When you team kill some one, for god sake say sorry. Then others will treat you with more respect. Since the weekend I have been team killed many times and people not saying sorry for it. It will be less of a hassle if they would say it, since it is quite a common thing in the RO community.
  2. V

    take the glow of the russians

    Really they are just running torches. It is so easy to spot and shoot them as a german player. I see no fun in playing on the allies since I am a walking light bulb. And get shot everytime, cover doesn't matter or how well hidden you are since the glow gives away your position.
  3. V

    commander class

    Today I played first time as the commander class on the russian team. Map was called spartanovka. As the german gained territory I decided too pick the open commander class. started calling arty. It made us win the round. Why is this class not used as many times as it needs too be in order...
  4. V

    Game is fixed

    Thank you tripwire.
  5. V

    Grenade cooking

    I have found out how I can throw grenades underhand. But is there a key to cook them ? I can't firgure it out, I pick a grenade hold it, throw it and wait (A couple of seconds befor it goes boom), then boom.
  6. V

    kick voting and muting ?

    I figured out muting is broke, cant see no names. And kick voting is not working from what I've heard on the server. I think there are alot of players who like too use them. Today I was playing and some kid just kept burking and being annoying on the mic and we couldn't do any thing about it.
  7. V

    Red Orchestra 2 Gameplay Preview - Part 1 & 2 by Dzips

    <a href="" target="_blank">Red Orchestra 2 Gameplay Preview - Part 1 [HD] - YouTube <a href="" target="_blank">Red Orchestra 2 Gameplay Preview - Part 2 - Firefight [HD] - YouTube Looks like...
  8. V

    New mg 34 video by Zips

    <a href="" target="_blank">Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Beta - Axis MG Gameplay [HD] - YouTube Think its not been posted yet, anyways enjoy :D For some reason the link gives me a double video :confused: (or not)