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  1. L

    Consistant map balance issues.

    A number of the new maps have significant balance issues. Leading to one team winning most of the time. In some cases almost all of the time. Saigon A significant hurdle for the attacking team is the A point. The Single spawn locations means a lot of walking is required for the attacking team...
  2. L

    First Indochina War brainstorming

    This is something I've always wanted to see for this game. I thought it would be a mod but the modding community has put their time towards other efforts instead. But with new French weapons being included in patches it seems to be becoming easier and easier to make it happen. Either through a...
  3. L

    M16s for everyone?

    This is a big red flag for me. Giving M16s to the Australian and ARVN rifleman/grunt is entirely unnecessary. It's not needed at all. I seriously reccomend this decision be reconsidered. Australians and ARVN do not need M16s for the most common class mid war or in non campaign modes. It's only...
  4. L

    Critical feedback on planned changes.

    In this thread I will only be going over things I personally don't like about the changes and think that they are a bad idea. So if I don't mention something it means I think it's fine. Role loadout changes. NLF Guerrilla getting the MAS-49. Unless the MAS is bad such as having absolutely...
  5. L

    WIP MAS-49 scope eyepiece.

    So your current WIP scoped MAS-49 looks like this. Very nice. But the eye piece on the scope is the Ribbed eyepiece. Very common now. But back then they weren't using that one. They were instead using this. The second picture is of two local Vietnamese in French service using a scoped...
  6. L

    A rethink of LMGs.

    The term "Light Machine Gun" is very broad. Encompassing a range of machine guns all designed for very different things. The game started out with 3. The M60, the RPD and the DP-28. The M60 was designed from the German FG42 and externally looks very similar. It was designed to fire from the...
  7. L

    Need more repercussions for getting shot and the damage.

    Currently nobody really knows how it works. A couple of us have looked at the code and got a general idea but nothing absolute. Anyway. Getting shot in this game and not dying has more or less zero repercussions. Plus many people feel as though some shots shouldn't be survived. Things that...
  8. L

    Sound fades out instantly on death.

    Why was this added in? As now you can't hear yourself die. You go deaf 2 seconds after you get shot. This "feature was implemented a while ago. And it really does just take away from the whole atmosphere. So I would like to know if you would be so kind, why was this implemented. As I don't...
  9. L

    Ambush spawn eats tickets. An actual GAMEBREAKING bug.

    I press N, spawn some team mates on my location. 60 tickets simply vanish. Making Ambush spawn completely unusable. Worst part of it is it only happens on specific servers. Why does a server setting affect this? When it does happen it happens every time.
  10. L

    Stuck suppressed in the chopper.

    Flying about in the cobra and came under all sorts of fire. Bits damage. Went back to land and realised that I was still suppressed. So was the gunner. Getting out and in again fixed it. But still. No idea what caused it other than being at shot lots.
  11. L

    A Theory on inadaquate damage.

    So we still run into instances where you hit someone in the chest with an M14 or something similar and they walk it off. Were they hit? Yes. Did they know they got hit? Yes. They have to bandage most of the time. Being on the receiving end I have been hit a lot of times by bullets or walked...
  12. L

    Everyone's got water pistols.

    This bug is about the bullet impact FX. Sometimes during a game all bullet impact effects turn into water impacts. Complete with sounds. Some observations. 1. This only occurs on static meshes and BSP. On terrain bullet impacts stay normal. Though you may want to check the bsp one as I'm just...
  13. L

    10 Minute lockdown… Wot???

    You've just ruined the entire concept of lockdown lol. Lockdown is supposed to create a sense of urgency. A 3 minute lockdown did just that. So why is it 10 minutes now? Is it because I opened my big mouth and started complaining about lockdown. Can't possibly be since I was specifically...
  14. L

    The great gore mystery.

    I'll put it simply. There is no gore. Seriously. Your QA can confirm. Go on a server, start Blowing yourselves up and you will see no severed limbs. Whats happened to them all. On Hue city there is a location on the map where a bunch of severed limbs keep spawing. It's in the middle of the...
  15. L

    If you guys really want a CAR-15.

    There was one rifle that fits the CAR-15 "designation" that was actually used by your standard GI. As yes. CAR-15 encompasses a number of rifles considering it literally means Colt Automatic Rifle. Technically the M16A1 is a CAR-15 but shh. There was also the Colt Model 605 carbine. More or...
  16. L

    Objective H audio lines wrong.

    And probably the rest of them past G to be honest. The announcer says the wrong ****. For the US at least.
  17. L

    Bloody hell.............

    Why? Surely there must be a reason. Or are you truly just not at all putting any thought into the maps you make. Regardless of who the hell is making them. What the **** is up with your obsession that EVERY SINGLE MAP has to be 40 minutes long. Regardless of game mode, tickets, amount of...
  18. L

    Calling recon from the loach doesn't work.

    So if you're the commander in a loach and you call in recon, you get no spot marks. Still flies about but it's useless.
  19. L

    Votekick abuse and server rules.

    With the new votekick system it makes it far easier for the players to get rid of troublemakers. But it also makes it far easier for the troublemakers to abuse. So for the server operstors I would highly advise making Votekick abuse a rule. And something you enforce harshly. Things like...
  20. L

    Consctructive (mostly) Thread about map balance.

    Ranting while fun may not solve issues so lets be constructive. The issues Song Be: 3 RPGs, 2 Hueys and very Few helicopter landing spots. Unless you want to land miles away. Not to mention this map is extremely dependant on helicopters to win. Tickets are 400 each. Which is too damn low. If...