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  1. Good-One-Driver

    KF RenCorner

    Hello, I am a admin at RenCorner.com. We are a large community that run servers in multiple games, we have six servers; Doom 24-7, Normal, Hard, Suicidal, Private(members only), and Big custom perks and custom weapons. Come check out our servers and our forums and join our great community...
  2. Good-One-Driver

    Mission Maps

    Ha sorry I am probably getting annoying asking all these questions but I am pretty new around here what are all the mission maps? and is there a pack to download them all?
  3. Good-One-Driver

    auto message?

    What is the script to get auto messages on your server? that repeat themselfs?
  4. Good-One-Driver

    irc bot

    is there any for kf?
  5. Good-One-Driver


    Anyone know if editing the hud is possible with killing floor? If yes how so?
  6. Good-One-Driver

    Avatar Pack

    I made this avatar pack because I couldn't fine any good avatars for killing floor, I did not take the screenshots I just resized and reformatted to work. enjoy! Download Links: http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/411351/kf-avatars-zip.html Download Link2 (recommended) ...
  7. Good-One-Driver

    Uploading Textures

    I am trying to upload some of my textures but once I click Ok to all, my texture doesn't show it it goes to KillingFloorTextures, any help? it is a pcx file.
  8. Good-One-Driver

    My posts

    why do all my posts need to be approved while everyone elses dont? it sucks sometimes waiting two-three days just for my post to be seen in the modding area
  9. Good-One-Driver

    Two Maps

    I am going to start working on two maps, I am not going to set a date for release yet as I haven't even started them and not having a lot of time to work on them but here is my ideas of the maps I will be creating: Block Fort if any one has played Mario64 A maze
  10. Good-One-Driver

    New Mapper + Coder

    Well, some of you might know me but a lot probably wont, My IGN is Good-One-Driver I am a mapper & developer for a lot of games. I have made a ton of stuff for many games from skins, maps, models, hacks, plugins, server-side modifications, and so-on. I recently bought this game from the...