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    What is with the Zoom when you start to sprint?

    I seriously hate that my screen zooms in when I start to run and then zooms out when I stop. It is freaking annoying as hell. What purpose does it serve?
  2. B

    TWB's East Coast Server

    Is this server down?? It does not come up in my fav's anymore, it just has "TWB" and then "??" All the rest of my servers are working??!! Any ideas? Help, this is my favorite server!!!
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    "Use System Driver"

    What does checking and unchecking this item really do? I ask this in relation to my freeze problem. It seems that if I have this box unchecked, I seem to get random game freezes. If I check it then the game seems not to freeze. Now it sounds much better with this unchecked of course, but...
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    Incremental Throttle (mainly Tanks)

    1st off let me start by saying I don't use this. I have tried to use it but I don't seem to have as good a control over starts and stops if this option is checked. Yes I like the fact that you can creep along at 25% and kind of look for targets at this speed, but you might as well go full out...
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    Game Freezes only when playing Overseas

    I live in the US and often play on servers in Europe since the # of good servers here in the US is lacking. Since upgrading to Vista I have this new bug that seems to occur at random. If I play on servers with pings higher than 100 or so, the game will freeze and I will have to reboot the...
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    Vista and Steam Problems

    I have been having a problem lately that is pretty annoying....not sure where to turn to, so I will start here. Problem: Upon exiting a game, Red Orchestra seems to hang and uses a huge amount of my RAM and will not let go. I can't even stop the application from the Task Manager. This also...
  7. B

    OpenAL or Directsound?

    I know that RO is built on the Unreal 2.5 engine, but is the sound Openal or Directsound? I ask because I am running Vista and as we all know Vista does not support directsound. Creative has a program to get around this, but I was not sure if it was even neccessary for RO:Ost Front?
  8. B

    Of entrances and Exits

    I have been trying to come up with ways to making getting into and out of tanks a bit more realistic. There has been talk of this elsewhere, but I don't think I have seen any realistic answers yet. I know the engine is limited thus we have the insta entries and the insta exits. I think I have...
  9. B

    The Machine Gunner Class

    I believe the machine gunner class is flawed in RO. It does not have the simulated effect on the battle field that its real life counterpart had. Understandably there is no suppression in a game unlike real life and that is one of the main effects of these types of weapons and this will be lost...
  10. B

    "Supressive Fire"

    Lets talk Supressive Fire. I had a gentleman on a server scream his head off to me about not giving "supressive fire" Now I didn't say anything back to him but just continued doing what I was doing. But it did get me a little pissed. What is Supressive Fire? In real life you lay...
  11. B

    Red Orchestra in the Steam Browser

    Firstly, I don't mind your browser at all...it is way better than BF2's. Hell, at least your friends system works. I play a lot of different games though and it would be nice if I could put my fav RO servers into my favs list in the steam browser. Other Valve releases seem to be there, but...
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    New to this, been playing since it was released

    Just thought I would put my 2 cents in here as the more I play this game the more I like it. I have not liked a WWII game this much since the early days of DOD. I love how HARD the initial learning curve is. I know that this may put off some people to this game, but for me it has the opposite...