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  1. smokeythebear

    [Game] CnC Generals 2

    Anyone else looking forward to it? Article with trailer here; http://pc.ign.com/articles/121/1214474p1.html I'm just happy some new RTS's are finally being game.
  2. smokeythebear

    Need quick RO related favour!

    I'm trying to grab some maps I did for RO1 as part of a quick project to show all the levels and stuff I created in the past few years. Unfortunatly megaupload is gone now and the polish site hosting it drops my connection (my ****ty isp not their fault) If someone could please download these...
  3. smokeythebear

    Rough outline for -REALISM MODE-

    I'm happy that Tripwire included the option for them to work on gameplay changes as they continue to support RO2. If they do indeed work on this (and with the poll results I cant imagine the would not) it is still very ambiguous what needs to be changed and how and even how far Tripwire is...
  4. smokeythebear

    What would it take for YOU to start playing RO2 again?

    I'm wondering what it would take for TWI to get people into the game again. Obviously most people, whether they play or not, don't actually use this forum. It would still be interesting at least to get a cross section of opinions.
  5. smokeythebear

    New HERO idea

    On the Russian side of Stalingrad there were Women civilians and soldiers fighting. Although it was rare they did in fact exist, and if they existed they should be in this game. At level 99 your character should change genders from a man to a women. This would be a very rare unlock as most...
  6. smokeythebear

    Suddenly I have ~120000% game fragmentation

    Does nothing when trying to launch or run the defrag. Oddly enough RO1 is effected in the same way but all my other steam games launch normally.
  7. smokeythebear

    Forum request; Seperate icons for developer and moderator posts

    The majority of posts by developers have some insight into what is being discussed. Since moderators are not really privy to any special information it would be useful when trying to find out info if they were kept separate. It would make it much easier to sift through these boards now that...
  8. smokeythebear

    Extracting the soundtrack from UPK file

    I tried a few different programs for doing this and no luck. Anyone have any ideas? All the music files are in /packages/music in the RO folder.
  9. smokeythebear

    Will this game attempt to be realistic or try to emulate RO2?

    At this point RO2's realism aspect is kind of a joke. I wonder how the devs feel about changing some of RO2s mechanics or getting rid of some of them altogether.
  10. smokeythebear

    When is the SDK coming?

    I hope for an update on the SDK release. I hope it's soon.
  11. smokeythebear

    Squad system is terrible

    I don't understand why TW would take something that works well from battlefield but implement it so it's barely functional. The same can be said of a lot of RO2s game mechanics but the squad system I think is the worst example. Here is why; -Spawning on the squad leader will often throw you...
  12. smokeythebear

    Red October rienforcement bug

    The allied rienforcements are drained by someone taking the tank commander role. Once the tank dies it never respawns and seems to continue to try and spawn, sometimes putting allies at -40 rienforcements even with 8-10min left.
  13. smokeythebear

    There are rainbows in my game

    At the bottom of the screen my monitor renders rainbows and black stuff. I have a similar problem in UDK where I have a small black area but as you can see in RO2 it's much worse. I have no problems with other games. It seems to be independent of what resolution my screen is at.
  14. smokeythebear

    Tank crew death and recoil

    From the most recent videos it's kind of odd how when a tank crewman used by the player is killed it goes to third person on the tank pretty much instantly. It would look much better if you died in first person since it looks like tank crew ragdoll in the tank anyway. Another thing that might...
  15. smokeythebear

    [Game] Counter strike: Global offensive

    It's going to be announced officially today along with some screenshots. Sounds like valve is going to be more commited to helping it become a competitive game instead of what they did with CS:S.
  16. smokeythebear

    When will the map editor be released?

    See topic title. Searches and could not find official answer.
  17. smokeythebear

    Ghost recon type coop maps

    I was wondering if it would be possible to make maps similar to the original ghost recon for coop play? I had a blast playing those missions over xbox live back in the day and have played through a few recently with friends on the steam version and they are still great. I guess the criteria is...
  18. smokeythebear

    Common fail tactics people need to stop doing -_-

    Some things I hear too often over VOIP that people need to stop doing... 1. Everyone get behind the tank! It's mobile cover! Tanks stand out on the battlefield and enemies will always be aware of where they are, especially if they are moving right at them. They become a magnet for enemy...
  19. smokeythebear

    Join /r/redorchestra on reddit!

    reddit.com/r/redorchestra Like the title says I made a subreddit for Red Orchestra! If you are unfamiliar with reddit it is a huge community with many niche communities for everything you can imagine. The front page takes the top links from each of the subreddits you are subscribed to so at...
  20. smokeythebear

    Join /r/redorchestra on reddit!

    woops wrong forum