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  1. MultiSlayer

    is KF Incursion taking any dev time/effort away from KF2?

    This seems to be everyone's main concern with this thing. They all say "FINISH YOUR EARLY ACCESS GAME FIRST!" But I'm sorta in the middle of it all thinking, well, if it truly is a side-project made by different people and the KF2 team is still 100%, then I don't see the problem. HOWEVER, if...
  2. MultiSlayer

    The most legendary weekend of my life

    EDIT: I've made a video about this epic tale on my youtube channel > : D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFTg...annel=CSpiller I had what is possibly the best times of my life so far, and lemme tell you this story. The intro in particular was the best part. Okay so, I traveled to see my...
  3. MultiSlayer

    Anyone ever have dreams about KF?

    I feel like making a fun topic to lighten up the mood from all the complaints around here. :D Have you ever had any KF related dreams? Were they scary or badass? Or just weird/funny? Let's share them here. I can only recall 2 right now, but there was more that I just don't remember. The first...
  4. MultiSlayer

    Real Time Reflections broken with 1021 update

    Great, now the Real Time Reflections are all pixelated and messy. And they did specify "Optimized Real Time Reflection code" so, wow okay say bye bye to those awesome reflections. They just keep breaking the game more and more! First not being able to shoot hands and feet off ZEDs, then the...
  5. MultiSlayer

    I just played a Gas Station remake on a server, but can't find it anywhere

    Where is this elusive Gas Station remake? It was really cool to play this map in KF2, and it had a lot of cool features like a sexy custom trader, and fun techno music during trader time. But, I literally can't find it anywhere on the internet, not even in the redirect. I find this really...
  6. MultiSlayer

    I love you TWI

    This is the best update so far and I am having a BLAST! The Desert Eagles are my favorite and makes me feel like a Smith from The Matrix, as shown in my sig below. (From this scene.) I'm also in love with that S&W 500 because it's the weapon Jesus uses in Madness Combat 8! I know I'm making a...
  7. MultiSlayer

    Should I get the GTX 970 or R9 390? 390 is more powerful but I'll miss out on Flex...

    It's time to upgrade, but I'm really seriously on the fence of which side to go. Current card: Radeon 7850 1 GB so this is a huge upgrade. If I get the GTX 970, I'll be able to use those cool Flex effects, but it only has 3.5 GB of vram (says 4, but well you know the story). Meanwhile the R9...
  8. MultiSlayer

    Why can't I shoot their feet/hands off anymore?

    Did they really nerf the MEAT system, or is this just on my end? Before the patch I used to be able to shoot their feet and hands off, but now it just takes the entire leg or arm off. What the hell? That used to be so satisfying.
  9. MultiSlayer

    I always used to think Alan was MaleVoiceOne, but he's... MaleVoiceTWO?! :O

    uWOTm8? Don't get me wrong, I love both the voices equally. But just to think, for almost 3 years I always thought that Alan was MaleVoiceOne! And then just yesterday, I discover that nope! He's VoiceTwo. :eek: The thing that clued me in was Classic Masterson using Alan's face, but sounding...
  10. MultiSlayer

    Why I love the Scrake's animations

    I recently watched one of the greatest horror movies of all time, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The original 1974 version of course. And I just realized that Leatherface's dance at the end of the movie is strikingly similar to the KF2 Scrake's attack animations, the devs must have gotten inspiration...
  11. MultiSlayer

    Server browser stopped working for me (matchmaking still works)

    Guys, yesterday my server browser suddenly stopped working. Produces 0 results no matter what I tried. Still doing it today. Matchmaking works, but I want my browser back! What happened? :confused: EDIT: Okay, I clicked the "Reset" button in the filters menu and that fixed it. Oh silly me...
  12. MultiSlayer

    Real Time Reflections vs. More dead bodies

    I have a relatively average card, so I can't just crank everything full blast. So right now I'm really conflicted between two of the most demanding settings. They are both really immersive and awesome in their own way, but they are serious performance hogs so I can only choose one. I'm really...
  13. MultiSlayer

    What are you doing right now as you gear up for the release?

    The game is upon us, 6 more hours to go. So I made this thread for fun. What are you guys doing right now, at this very moment or within these 6 hours, as we await the glorious KF2? Right now I'm about to watch a movie called "Underworld". I love Underworld so much and have been a fan of the...
  14. MultiSlayer

    Things to do while we wait for KF2

    In this thread, we will come up with ideas for things to tide us over until KF2 arrives, and also list the things we've already been doing to keep us occupied. I made this thread to help us not completely lose our minds in the wait for the new video. So what have you guys been doing or plan to...
  15. MultiSlayer

    I had a dream last night

    So usually I forget my dreams when I wake up, but when I do remember them, they are very vivid and seem very real. And last night I had the most awesome dream, only to be disappointed when I woke up cuz it wasn't real lol. Alright so, in this dream I was sitting at my computer dicking around on...