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  1. Leif

    Man in Darth Vader custome robs bank.

    I find your lack of funds disturbing
  2. Leif

    Trolololo Mans response to his newfound fame.

    YouTube - Trololololo - Russian Rick Roll [EXTENDED Sparta Remix]
  3. Leif

    Mental Crosshairs.

    I've noticed from myself and many other regulars on this game, people seem to have developed mental crosshairs. They have no need to aim down their sights, yet can still put pin-point shots where ever they want. Its rather interesting. Has anyone else noticed the "MC" effect?
  4. Leif


    Ugh.... I know you've seen plenty of this, but I need to get my frustations out. All these level 1s and 0s of everyone class are ruining everything. On a freaking normal server, 2 level 0s commandos with bullpups couldn't handle 15 clots! This is a disgrace. I was on a FF Normal server...
  5. Leif

    What's your favorite loadout?

    By that I mean, what class with what weapon of course. I usually play as a medic because I like healing and I like its abilities, and so I've picked up a few usual loadouts.... #1: MP7, Bullpup, Katana #2: MP7, Crossbow #3: Katana and M79. (Strange for a medic class, but it works) What...
  6. Leif

    All servers down?

    I was just on and the master server list kept coming up empty, no servers even though I refreshed it many times, anyone else notice this?
  7. Leif

    Stalker Help.

    My damage on my commando class is way above the number of stalkers needed to level it up, any suggestions?
  8. Leif

    Did tripwire do anything with this?

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100701/ap_on_fe_st/us_odd_shower_bandit Make to look at the location =P
  9. Leif

    Hey, new here, got a few questions.

    Make no mistake however, I have been lurking in here for awhile without making a account, however I have a few problems maybe you can help me with. 1. Favorites Issue. For aslong as I've had this game, whenever I saved a server to my favorites, it never was there once I looked at the...