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  1. Y

    Officially pulling out of the modding community

    Not sure If anyone remembers me here but I am Yomommassis, retired Killing Floor modder of script, modeling, and animation I just deleted the last remaining backups (that I am aware of) to all my mods/unreleased mods, scripts, codes, animations and models And seeing as Mega Upload was my...
  2. Y

    Killing Floor 2004 High Def Pack

    Hi, Yomommassis here..pissed, been a long time, So I was talkin to a buddy about lan parties back in the day and it hit me..HEY..remember back in the day playing Killing Floor 2004 when it had its own website and they announced the High Def pack to all donators who paid to support the cause...
  3. Y

    Dualwield/Throw Machete

    A suggestion for a possible Berserker buff Giving the berserker(ONLY) the ability to throw the machete and axe(maybe knife also), giving range to the berserker while still maintaining melee damage. "How will it work?" The ability to throw the weapon would be bound to the "Iron_Sight"...
  4. Y

    Gamemode - The Ball

    Combine the concept of the soon to be released game "The Ball" with Killing Floor The Idea is that players will play as the main character from the ball wielding the artifact weapon that controls the large ball artifact. It will be much like the game play of The Ball except you will be...
  5. Y

    No More IS-2

    Some of you might already know as part of the new DLC character pack "Postmortem" there was what could be considered an easter egg. One of the new characters, more specifically Harold Hunt, has a pin on his chest of an IS-2 saying that it is "BEST TANK OF WWII" (As shown below)...
  6. Y

    Updated SDK Content

    So I was checkin out the new content since the update and I noticed some things The ZCD has been modified, no longer does it reflect a large weapon but it shows the animations for the AA12, and there is some strange floating nob and hands now The Mac10 has an animation for Bashing and also...
  7. Y


    look what i saw on deviantart i want kf2 on ut3 or CE3 NOW! http://sanzliot.deviantart.com/art/Killing-Floor-Husk-Zbrush-167218141?q=boost%3Apopular+killing+floor&qo=84
  8. Y

    Enhancement - 3rd Person Animations

    THIS IS NOT A MOD, this will NOT be released I'm here suggesting improving the 3rd person animations for visual enhancement, realism, and player immersion. The following is a comparative video showing the difference between some current animations and possible enhancements Please note that...
  9. Y

    Crossbow Style Scope Code

    Im here to ask for some help, I must admit I havent spent much time on this thought, but if someone could help me figure this out it would save me some trouble The idea is to get the crossbow style scoping system but implement it on other weapons (with scopes) I got this idea when I was...
  10. Y

    Female Player Model

    This will change Lewis to be the Trader model WORKS ONLINE --Version 2.1-- Initial Public Release DOWNLOAD HERE
  11. Y

    R6V2 Porting Thread

    DISCLAIMER Due to copyright laws the following may or may not be released to the public, regardless of a non-profit cause. As of right now this is purely for informational purposes only. I did not make these models, All credit goes to Ubisoft. Assault Rifles...
  12. Y

    Content Porting Idea Thread

    Anyone with umodel is aware that it has the ability to export meshes from a wide variety of games a lot of cool things can come out from porting meshes, we should really think seriously about it I am here to ask the community for ideas of things we as a community can port over into killing...
  13. Y

    Mesh Port Idea Thread

    Delete This
  14. Y

    Current Umodel Bugged

    I ran into a problem when editing character meshes, the weapon bones were nonexsistant after some trial and error I narrowed the problem down to the extraction process and sure enough it was umodel thanks to Col.Jack-Carver I was able to use an older version of umodel and now the weapon...
  15. Y

    Character Pack: Airborne Virus

    WORKS ONLINE Note: This will not replace vital files, this only replaces text documents and contains a backup of those files. Install: Place folders into killingfloor folder and overwrite Please feel free to leave any feedback or ideas. Change Log --Version 1.3-- Fixed Combiner...
  16. Y

    Firebug Update Soon?

    So i was flipping through the game files to see what neat things i can try to do..then i stumbled across the game manual which to be completely honest i had no idea even existed..but anyways i saw this 1.2 Killing Floor On the last day of August, something very strange happened in the...
  17. Y

    Low Gore Mode

    I remember posting in a thread about a guy who had Low Gore mode and I couldnt help him with whatever assistance he needed I looked back and I cant find the thread for the life of me but anyways after looking further into it I found out how to toggle Low Gore on and off just open console and...
  18. Y

    Left 4 Dead 2 Mod - Killing Floor

    Now idk about you guys but im not to big on the left 4 dead 2 i own the game but i would rather play minesweeper than play that game then i went and saw this video and was like O_O now suddenly im really interested YouTube - Left 4 Gormless Tossers 2 - Killing Floor Crossover Test
  19. Y

    UCC make / UCC decompile

    Hey guys im thinkin about getting back into modding but i seem to have lost my UCC make/decompile BATs... can anyone point me in the right direction? :]
  20. Y

    Aimbot ban?

    wow I just got banned from a server for supposedly using aimbot *JuggerNauts Extreme* Killng Floor Server|Seattle|Hard "WEBADMIN: PLEASE TAKE YOUR AIMBOT ELSEWHERE" I'm pissed all I did was manage a double headshot on 2 FP's and I got banned for "cheating" this is effin stupid, i'm done...