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  1. PUTZ

    [Info] General support info! View this first before posting!

    Welcome to the RO2 Support Section The following is a living compendium of support knowledge and help topics. If something is missing, feel free to PM myself, Yoshiro, Morello, Zips, or Bobdog. There is a good chance someone else has experienced your issue and has posted about it already! If...
  2. PUTZ

    The Grand Patch Notes Thread!

    Here is the compendium of patch notes. It will be updated after each patch. If you want instant patch notes, or notice of upcoming patches, we invite you to join the RO2 Official Game Group on steam. http://steamcommunity.com/games/RO2 ********************************************************...
  3. PUTZ

    [How Do I?] Red Orchestra 2: The Manual

    http://www.fileplanet.com/222435/220000/fileinfo/Red-Orchestra-2-Manual-(Work-in-Progress) This is still a WIP. :IS2:
  4. PUTZ

    [Tuning] If you hang/crash at the splash screen!

    I know a lot of you are experiencing a freeze/hang/lockup soon after the RO2 splash screen appears. We need to know more about why it's stopping. The first step is to enable your log. To do this, go to Steam > Library > Right-click on RO2 > Properties > Set Launch Options In the launch...
  5. PUTZ

    [Error] The Sound Bug!

    We know it exists, and we hate it very much. We are currently on a quest to kill this beast of a bug. All we ask is that you remain patient until it is finally defeated. The workaround to this issue is to restart the game.
  6. PUTZ

    [How Do I?] If you have a crash, Give us the dump file!

    If the game has crashed for you, please be detailed in the description of what you were doing and provide us the dump file generated from the crash. It will likely be located here: C:\Users\MyNameHere\Documents\my games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Logs And will be a time stamped...
  7. PUTZ

    If you have blank menus! A fix!

    If your menus are blank, please disable AA/AF in your driver control panel and set it to Application Controlled. :IS2:
  8. PUTZ

    Stat Perfdump & You!

    If you are having abnormally low performance on good/great hardware we want you to run the following command while in-game (preferably when performance is at its lowest). When in game, open your console with the ~ key and type in stat perfdump and hit enter. Your game might hitch a little, and...
  9. PUTZ

    [Fix] Game Won't Launch Fix [If you had the beta!]

    After the last update, we changed the directory where your INI files are being saved and this can interfere with how the game can run (or lack thereof). Step 1: Open the old INI directory [Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3] and delete the ROGame folder Step 2: Open the [Documents\My...
  10. PUTZ

    [Error] Zero Servers & Thomson/BT Homehub Users!

    We are aware that some users may experience an issue in the server browser where it will report back that it has found 0 servers and it is filtering 0. This problem is an issue with the steam master server system that we are currently working with them to address. However, until we do so...
  11. PUTZ

    hold off on upgrading for ROHOS

    http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/ready-set-fall-pc-prices-coming-down-as-component-costs-decline/41932 :cool: :IS2:
  12. PUTZ

    iron sights for "the device"

    So, who wants them? It would add a whole new level of immersion.
  13. PUTZ

    Your color Acuity!

    The link below will test your color acuity (or how accurately your monitor can display color). Lets see who can match meh. http://xritephoto.com/ph_toolframe.aspx?action=coloriq For the record, I'm on an uncalibrated Dell 2407WFP-HC.
  14. PUTZ

    Spawn Zombies (please!?!)

    If you've been around long enough, you know what I'm on about. We want them back!
  15. PUTZ

    BEER - Help me choose mine tonight!

    Alright, this is what I've got:
  16. PUTZ

    Husk-only Mutator?

    Anyone up for the challenge? :cool:
  17. PUTZ

    Swedes Burn Bunnies for Fuel

    http://www.thelocal.se/22610.html ...damn vikings.
  18. PUTZ

    Caring for raw metal...a question

    I know many of you own/restore firearms...and have experience with restoring and protecting the metal bits. My question is regarding my set of GunMetal raw-steel golf clubs. Under normal circumstances, they rust when wet and must be cleaned up every few weeks. Anyone have tips on how to...
  19. PUTZ

    Need new Headset...suggestions?

    I've been using this headset for years, and I've been happy up until now. As you'll probably notice here that the mic is a crappy lapel deal and if it's mounted anywhere else...you can't hear the bloody thing. In any event, I'd like a new one where the mic is connected...but I need more...
  20. PUTZ

    HTTP File Transfer via Webadmin

    I think this would be an interesting feature. To date, I haven't seen a webadmin system for uploading/adding maps to your server in any game. If you added uploading responsibilities to admin permissions, you could have a secure system for updating only maps/mutators/redirects. What do you...